Product Context From PWG Meeting

During this past Product Working Group Meeting [4/26/21] we devoted some time to creating a presentation to provide some basic level product context.

You can find the recording [20 min] here: Product WG call - Weekly at 20:00 UTC (2021-04-26 at 13:07 GMT-7) - Google Drive

Please feel free to follow up with questions. Presentation by design aimed to be high level and may miss some lessons other people want to highlight .


Would it be possible to get a link to that slide deck please? Would be good to have another read through it and follow up some links on frameworks etc.

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Sure: 26 Apr 2021- Product GW call - Google Slides


Great slides and an interesting read - especially around the maturity of the market and thus the (hopefully temporary) avoidance of retail users as our primary target audience.

Thanks for sharing.

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