GWG II April Progress Report

GWG II Kicked off with wallet funding in the month of April. This post serves as an update on Growth initiatives

Where We’ve Been in Q1 and Where We’re Going

Our growth goals for Q2 and strategy for achieving them have been communicated more thoroughly in the below posts. At a high level, our goals are:

  1. $500M AUM
  2. 400,000+ DPI supply units
  3. $9M FLI suite 7-day moving average volume for 2 consecutive weeks
  4. 4 new products launched with $200M+ combined TVL. They are category leaders in terms of the most relevant measure (i.e. uTVL, volume, liquidity)

Q2 Hypotheses + Initiatives

Improve tracked Twitter impressions from ~300-500k/wk to ~2m/wk

  • April: ~700k/wk (35% to goal)
  • Impression Mining Retroactive Airdrop
  • Official Account Strategy (maximize @indexcoop property) in process

Improve blog/Medium content to 1 post/wk

  • April: 0.75 posts/wk (75% to goal)
  • MVI Launch Post, Rabbithole Campaign Post, Zerion Promotion Post

Improve Paid impressions from 0/wk → 250k/wk

  • April: 30.5k/wk (12% to goal)
  • DeFiant Sponsorship (h/t @Lavi, @beansontoast)
  • Coingecko copy testing > Yielded top DPI copy variant to date “Don’t miss the DeFi Boom” (h/t @DevOnDeFi)

April Initiatives:

Growth Marketing
Zerion Sales Promotion
Impression Mining Kickoff + Retroactive Airdrop
DeFiant DPI sponsorship
MVI Launch Marketing
Twitter Activity
Copy/Creative Ad Testing

Strategic Sale Conversations
Institutional Investor
Fireblocks Integration


Impression Mining Airdrops - 405 INDEX
MVI Logo Contest - 135 IDEX
APY Vision Contest - 60 INDEX
Zerion Payments - 3113 INDEX
Sold for ETH - 25 INDEX
-for Multisend Transaction Gas, Coingecko Copy & Creative Testing, Design Software Licenses

Total: 3738 INDEX

What’s Coming in May?

  • Further Twitter/Impression Mining optimization
  • Continuing to service paid and content targets
  • Focused expansion to Chinese social channel
  • Social channel expansion
  • Launch+1

thanks for sharing this :pray: it is really helpful to get this sort of summary at the end of the month.

Excited for all of what’s coming in May, and also real curious to know the impact of focused expansion to chinese social channels.


Great work @LemonadeAlpha and @reganbozman :rocket:

Amazing how much we have improved the structure of our working group in just a few short months. In december and january it took us weeks to figure out the funding and execution for even the most simple projects - while today it feels like we execute massive enterprise level initiatives weekly. The level of sophistication that has develop is truly incredible.

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