Proposal to update the website: in two part plan with a gate

This is an informal proposal to get feedback and potentially launch a process to update the website. Gate in proposal makes CDWG/others wanting this to earn the right to do the project to completion.


  • Website is our most important owned digital property - the shop front we control
  • Wide ranging feedback from community members that the site does not well represent the DAO, INDEX and our products. If we feel this, wider market might too - problem
  • While majority of our trading activity happens elsewhere (~85%), website is key part of our funnel - ‘consideration’ phase as persons learn about us, before investing their hard won money in our products

  • No blog and research sections built into current website - currently on Medium and Substack - impacting top of funnel, easiness of sales process and SEO. We need to own this content and the full experience
  • No email sign up and list from site
  • Issues on mobile reported by community members - 43% of traffic in last month from mobile

  • These problems grow as we create more content and launch new products and the website plays larger and larger role in the consideration phase. Potentially compounded further as we scale up marketing to drive new, non-DeFi natives - the sort of people who typically use Fidelity, Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Brokers


  • A project between Creative and Design Working Group (CDWG), engineering and community
  • Project to be broken into two parts with an important gate

Part 1: Design: CDWG to create Figma file of key website pages, before receiving feedback from community and key stakeholders. Feedback could require further design cycles

  • @Dylan to provide feedback during process to ensure design works with technological restrictions (eg buy widget structure and wording)

…. IF feedback is positive via communication and a poll …. (Community will also be able to get more idea of CDWG design skills in the Brand Framework deliverable - soon to be shared as a Figma file)

Part 2: Engineering:

  • Build designs into page files
  • Stage new site, connections/integrations work and testing
    • To involve designers and hopefully new community engineer/s to protect valuable Set engineering time (limited to one week/month). Important to consider this valuable Set engineering time against new product launches and other general Coop workings
  • Deploy new site

Please share your feedback and make your vote. This is an issue many community members have raised, but it’s a large project, with many dependencies and requires some valuable engineering resources.

Thanks to @DarkForestCapital and @dylan for proof reading

  • FOR starting this website update project as described
  • AGAINST starting this website update project as described

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I know a lot of community members who will really be excited about this one. An overhaul would certainly make me more inclined to direct potential investors to the site and I’m looking forward to seeing what the group comes up with!


Good to know @fallow8. Thank you

Yes absolutely!

In particular the lack of a fulltime home for content is a major blindspot to me. Creating content only for it to exist on either Medium or only for a brief moment on our substack seems like a problem.

If DeFi does in fact eat the world, I think a ton of people entering the space will be looking for learning resources. The more pages that they click on that could direct back to us, the better.


For! Index Coop was one of the first DeFi projects that really caught my interest, but as a new person to crypto was 100% baffled by the website. I am not able to fully articulate what was missing vs what I expected, but I think it carries an issue I have with a lot of crypto sites in that it assumes a pretty substantial base level of knowledge. I think structured products by IC will be a gateway for many people coming to DeFi, and I think it would be helpful to consider the point of view of a complete DeFi newbie who wants to study but doesn’t know where to start.


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