Serious looking website

Hi there,

lets make the indexcoop website look more serious/professional (e.g. like Compound website) in order to differentiate from food token projects.

The website design is important to communicate core values.


This is definitely in the works. If you join our next governance call tomorrow (Oct 27th), some community members will be presenting updated designs for the website that will be more professional.

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Ahhhh shucks! I missed the friggen governence call (again). Is there a calendar invite by chance? I know I sound incredibly incompetent as I can just create events on my phone by taking a look at upcoming meeting dates but those gd .ics files are so friggen handy.

that said, I would be super down with helping out with this ! I should mention that I don’t even think the site is that particularly poor, especially when compared to some of the other defi sites out there. Having to re-connect my wallet on what seems like every page transition though is a pain (and is something I can help resolve super quickly).

Hey you haven’t missed the governance call actually. It’s in about 12 hours (Oct 27th, 9am PST)

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awesome! thanks for the heads up

Would love to participate but I am at work. Will catch up the infos later on

Hi there,

I still think there is a lot of room to improve the whole website. The quality of a website gives a hint of the quality of the project.

  • responsive design doesn’t work well on various resolutions
  • the farm section looks like a foodtoken farm page
  • all the emojis do not reflect a serious DeFi project

Maybe my view is a bit too strict or not flexible enough. Just wanted to share my 2 gwei.

Pls consider further iterations.
It would be worth to spend some funds for a solid website UX.


Definitely agree. Website updates are still in progress. You should see more updates to the site in the coming weeks.


Hi Owls :owl: I want to push this topic since it’s been a while. Is there any news about the new website?

I think the indexcoop website needs significant improvements in design and user experience. Let’s spend some funds on this. Its worth it.

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Can you scope out some design/brand/marketing people? We don’t have the capacity or bandwidth to do this early. We can give you a referral bonus or something through the treasury committee.

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@s7rukk keep an eye out for an invite from me or @BigSky7 in the Discord to kick something off around this.

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Happy to help with brand design - I’m not HTML expert but have an eye for color and positioning. I’ve circulated some marketing materials in the past in my dayjob.

I am pretty comfortable on webflow - not sure if any of you have experience using it - but we can make an absolutely gorgeous website relatively inexpensive, and share the file similar to how we do with figma for BD materials. - here’s a sample I just put together in a few minutes.

Let’s have 1 point person for this. I can easily see this getting out of hand if 3+ people start collaborating

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@dylan we set up a discussion group on Discord for some of the different people who have been talking about this. I think the next step is to have an open meeting next week to talk through what we want this to look like and how to implement it.

Realistically we probably need a dedicated two or three person team to coordinate the rebuild.

I spoke with @DarkForest today and we agreed that we have design and technical people in house to start making this happen. We can also discuss during the growth call on Thursday.

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That sounds great! I meant to say having one point-person to own the “epic”, pull-in stakeholders + resources and be entrusted to make final decisions would be helpful.

If all ressources are in house, then it’s great. Otherwise I came across
They have experience with crypto related websites and their references look pretty solid.

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I sort of like the website now and don’t really see this as a priority at the moment. What are your qualms exactly?

This is something we should consider! Good is that they are familiar with the topic.
But WE have to know what WE want from them.

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100% agree re needing site to be improved.

The more I’ve thought about this, the more I think:

  • One person should lead this epic
  • Who in turn sources the best ideas and stuff from the community (which is happening in a Discord thread atm! :slight_smile: )
  • But we have a professional agency do the design work and maybe even front end build. I’m not sure we have enough design and build resources to do this at the speed and depth of execution we need. Speed kills in startup land and we’ve a treasury to leverage to fund such execution.

Two cents.

I would have loved to have spent more time on design stuff, but have been swamped on other growth projects last two weeks (hence being quiet in that Discord thread!).


@DevOnDeFi those are great points! I agree that our community can spearhead idea generation and design work and then pay for some of the heavy lifting.

I know @codemathics and @Martin have done some amazing work on this front. Could be a great collaboration for them to lead up if they have bandwidth!