The Funding Council is Adding 1 New Member

Congratulations @Pepperoni_Joe - well earned!


Congrats @Pepperoni_Joe you will be a fantastic addition to the Funding Council.

Your wealth of management consultant experience and drive is exactly what we need to straight up the budgeting side of things. I am exciting to see the funding council become more of a leadership body and less of a contributor rewards payment body. The injection of business acumen is exactly what is needed to level up the core value proposition of the funding council.

I am super excited to see requests for funding starting to look like business cases. This is really going to help improve capital efficiency and level up the community.

Also means my WG proposals need to level up. But that is a necessary requirement as we grow into a well oiled machine.

Congrats @Pepperoni_Joe :slight_smile: :partying_face:


Congrats @Pepperoni_Joe for being elected to serve on the FC.

I second this!!! As the DAO grow… we need to grow too!!!

Like how @mel.eth would say…

this is #HOWweDAO it!!!

Hoot hoot!!!


Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in this election :partying_face:

As a new member of the Funding Council, I will give 100% to helping Index Coop level up as an organization and ensure contributors are rewarded in a fair and transparent way.