Treasury Committee Member Vote


Last week the Treasury Committee published a more detailed charter describing the goals and duties of the Index Coop Treasury Committee.

Since then, @DarkForestCapital has accepted a nomination to the Treasury Committee. There do not seem to be any other major candidates. This post finalizes the terms of his membership and puts his candidacy to a formal vote.

The Treasury Committee will accept a vote of > 70% FOR as a passing confirmation vote. If this vote turns contentious we can revise terms or entertain different candidates.

Treasury Committee Terms

Member: @DarkForestCapital
Reward: 2,000 USD per month denominated in INDEX (in addition to individual contributor rewards)
Term: 1 year
Major Responsibilities:

  • Assist tracking Index Coop member contributions
  • Co-create monthly reward distribution
  • Assist & evaluate Index Coop proposals seeking funding

More details can be found here.


Add Dark Forest Capital to Treasury Committee

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Sounds good. ! congratulation !

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Realise I never officially pitched for the role but aside from what’s written above I’d also be looking to:

  • Increase transparency of treasury holdings/spending by making the data easily accessible (kicking off some work with @TenaciousTerrier on this)
  • Look for ways to innovate around treasury and tokenomics to benefit Index community
  • Hold myself to the principles set out here

The Coop has come a long way in just a few months and I’m excited to see what we can achieve in 2021!


I can think of no one better to take on this position. :owl: :owl: :owl:



Looks like your nomination is going to sail through.

Congratulations - looking forward to all your contributions to Index Cooperative in 2021!


I voted no here only because a one year term duration seems quite long for an organization that is ~3 months old

otherwise, am very much in favor of Dark Forest joining the treasury committee

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