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The weekly meetings are just absolutely packed with information and insight into this DAO, but we run through the highlights. DeFriday was canceled last week, and video of the iROBOT Community Call is here. Product WG meeting closing out the day. Let’s dive in:

Weekly Planning Meeting (47 attendees)


Calls to Action: [new section, let me know what you think]

  • POC still looking for some savvy Owls to run a masterclass or be a buddy;
  • PWG is looking for feedback on Draft IIP-62 re Liquidity Mining on Polygon;
  • The MetaGov crew would like for you to vote to delegate AAVE so that $DPI can be listed as collateral on v2;
  • BDWG Looking for engagement on the Protocol Ambassador Guide role and rewards structure; and,
  • EWG has asked for support of Draft IIP-66 extending the offer of Smart Contract Engineer to our very own @ncitron.

All simple indices have seen unit supply growth over the last week, with some quick napkin-math by @oneski22 in the chat showing that Coop implied revenue is around $3.5MM annual. The advertisement for $DPI in is live on The Defiant Podcast, and website visits are up on the month.

The Autonomy Group met for the first time and posted meeting minutes. Next call is tomorrow, August 10.

WG Highlights:

  • The leveraged Indices Pod within PWG is ready to start launching products! As outlined by @afromac it’s easy to do, not based on FLI methodology, and could be up and running as soon as September '21. Building out these in-house capabilities is a credit to this pod and WG, and raises the bar for external methodologists significantly. The initial products suggested: MATIC2x and LINK2x - would love to know more thoughts in the comments!
  • EWG had a great month and is iterating on hiring a Head of Smart Contracts and has received initial applications.
  • Titans of Data have accepted the Fee Split Offer that was presented, DG2 forum post will be up this week, going to snapshot on August 16.
  • IBWG expressed appreciation for the well-attended first call last week, noting it was great to see that the fledgling WG is shaping up to be more than a splinter of the BDWG. Wintermute Market Making Proposal is still kicking around and the Flipside UNI Delegation proposal is live in snapshot.
    An IB<>LanguageOps dream-team may be in the works, so stay tuned.
  • POC are looking to formalize the verticals for People/Organization/Community and @afromac has taken on a deputy-lead role within the POC. @Pepperoni_Joe will be dropping posts soon for Community Management and Governance Secretary roles, as well as updating the POC budget to reflect some of the expanded initiatives. A webinar will be hosted on Wednesday August 11, “Introducing Index Coop” - a public webinar POC are running (promo and registration through twitter). The idea is to record this and replace the redundant context-setting part of the New Joiner call each week. Instead, this webinar will be sent as pre-read.
  • CDWG has made progress on the 3D cooper with credit given to @earth2travis and reminds everyone to use notion to make design requests, as appealing to designers directly may result in ABSOLUTE CHAOS . . . just kidding . . . kind of.

Product WG (22 Attendees)
Product is covered briefly above as well, and in addition to a healthy discussion regarding resources, partnerships, and prioritization there was a lot of excitement about growing in-house capabilities; regardless of whether Automated Indices Pod starts flexing its in-house methodology muscles, being capable of buttering ones’ own bread is worthy of note. @overanalyser could still use some hands in the air for chairing community calls, and it’s worth checking out the post by @catjam re product onboarding if you haven’t already.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - Institutional Businees WG
1500 - Wizardry (falconry postponed to next week, quidditch practice still on)
1900 - People, Organization, Community WG (45 mins)
2000 - Multi-sig walkthrough (30 mins)

Daily DAOwlpha: Curious about how to create smart contracts on Ethereum but don’t know where to start? Whenever I’ve asked this question, I have gotten one answer: Head on over, level-up, then jump into the wizardry channel on our discord server to see how you can contribute!

- @mel.eth

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