The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.04 Monday

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Index Coop 1st Birthday Week!

We had the Weekly Planning and Product Working Group meetings today, with Institutional Business and Wizardry on the docket for tomorrow. We’ll be celebrating Index Coop’s 1st Birthday on Wednesday with a DJ and some POAPs so be sure to join!

And on a bittersweet note, two Owls are stepping back from daily operations with @AcceleratedCapital hanging his hat over at 1kx and @oneski22 helping Aave get up to Index Coop standards. Your daily presence will be missed.

Active WG Proposals (v1.1, guidance by @gregdocter)

Calls to Action:

Product Spotlight:

Weekly Planning (40 attendees) slides
Today we had @yuan-han-li and the rest of the crew from Penn Blockchain in the house, be sure to give a warm welcome!!!

Wallets up 1% on the week, trade volume down 36% as people tend to hold when the price numbers are rising. Four IIPs hit quorum in under 24 hours last week; currently running votes can be found on snapshot. The Funding Council will be managing September rewards, WG Proposal reviews, Future of Finance for Index 2.0, and @Pepperoni_Joe is out this week - be mindful that @gregdocter is working hard to get things turned around quickly but please be patient. @edwardk took the EWG slide today and will be co-leading with @dylan going into Q4; DPI rebalances on Oct 4 and MVI on Oct 5. @LemonadeAlpha will be taking a step back from leading GWG with @MrMadila and @caf co-leading the shift from micro to long-form and video content.

@mrvls_brkfst noted that Language Ops may soon regularly be translating content TO English as there is an increasing amount of DeFi news being produced in other languages. @DevOnDeFi noted that the newly-formed VOD (animated content vertical within CDWG) will be meeting in the off-weeks to the WG meetings and there’s a forum post incoming for the NFT initiative. BD has their proposal up in the forum and requests feedback, and is otherwise working on getting notion and an analytics dashboard stood up. APAC noted that @lee0007 has been a superstar.

@Matthew_Graham announced that @ElliottWatts will be joining as co-lead of the Treasury WG, with plumbing reconfigurations still underway on the IC accounts; a forum post on the Investment Account is incoming. The meta-governance election process is up for discussion in the forum, going to vote this week. @lavi noted that the GOWG proposal poll has gone live and asked that Owls please provide feedback and vote.

Product WG (18 attendees) slides
Things are humming along in the PWG with products at various stages; however, nothing between DG2 and ‘launch’ at the moment. Early launch contenders are shaping up to be inverse-FLI, LDI, and PDI - although PDI has quite a bit of engineering specification that needs to happen first. JPG is currently on snapshot. YHI is undergoing Work Team analysis, and ROBOT has been paused while API challenges are resolved. @Abel and @Financial-Freedom will be running point on the PAY discussions while moving that product forward is top-of-mind.

There are liquidity concerns around MVI and DATA; no current plan to supplement or incentivize. Both will be monitored, with hopes that MVI gets organic traction on Uniswap v3 (with the ~$4MM remaining on v2 doing the heavy lifting for now), and Onsen rewards now active for DATA on Sushi.

@Cavalier_Eth noted that office hours will be held to engage with Methodologists throughout the product onboarding process; noting that if any Methodologists aren’t actively engaging with PWG, they should be.

Some ideas floated in extra-time: Single-sided staking of products and INDEX to provide liquidity (@blockdev ) and pre-sales of products (@JosephKnecht).

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - Institutional Business WG Meeting
1800 - Wizardry Weekly Call
OOO: @Pepperoni_Joe thru Oct 8 (DRIs during absence), @LemonadeAlpha thru Oct 8

@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day
@fallow8 temp discord handle: jamboree87#6726

Daily DAOwlpha:

- @mel.eth


If y’all want a hi-res on that amazing 1-year video, snag it here. And don’t forget, special guest appearance by @BigSky7!!!


Video was truly mind blowing!

Also, I am such a fan of the Scoop now - please give the HEART to @mel.eth’s post above if you agree.

It’s the most amazing way for time poor owls to keep in touch and is becoming and more and more key internal tool. It’s the Index Coop Newspaper