The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.12 Thursday

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Super special shout-out today to The Index Coop’s newest Full Time Hire: Smart Contract Engineer @ncitron!

Today the Creative Design WG and Growth WGs met, and @Crypto_Texan hosted a great Conversation with the Coop, featuring Leo Cheng of CREAM Finance; spotify and substack audio will be available shortly, but you can go subscribe now. Given no WG meetings on DeFridays (2PM ET, check discord and twitter for updates), we’ll pick it back up next week - don’t DAO too hard this weekend!

Calls to Action:

  • IIP-62 for liquidity mining on Polygon is still under quorum - PLEASE GO VOTE!;
  • @caf is assembling a list of media outlets for coordination of press releases; if you have contacts at established tradfi or crypto-native news outlets, please reach out to @caf to discuss;
  • If you know of a good resource for merging analytics and design please reach out to @DevOnDeFi; and,
  • Head over to the forum and give your feedback on two new product proposals from our very own Automated Indices Pod: LINK2x and MATIC2x.

CDWG (11 attendees)
The website build is progressing to plan, and the CDWG-managed Insta and Twitter accounts (¡Including the spanish account!) have been featuring some pretty slick graphics of late. The team has started ideating an organization-wide calendar of events that answers the question, “What is The Coop up to this month?” And CDWG reminds those needing non-core design resources that there will likely be a need for co-financing of initiatives. Other than that, this well oiled creativity machine is busy “templatizing everything”, so if you have any design requests please use notion.

GWG (17 attendees)
Index Coop product growth was strong this week with address exposure up 2.3% on the week (implied annual of over 300%!) and net sales of $23MM on the week. @MrMadila took the class on a visual journey though the interplay of unit-supply and AUM, and huge shout to @Matthew_Graham on the $10MM FEI $DPI buy that occurred; unincentivized AUM is over $300MM for the first time!

In organizational growth, under the APAC Expansion vertical, big shout to @tudou who ran a New Joiner call in Mandarin with 60 attendees. In other news there was some discussion of shifting paid promotions from the current full-press on $DPI to some other assets (nothing attracts success like success, amiright over there $MVI?).

Finally, something that caught my attention was a comment by @Financial-Freedom during the Persona presentation (happens every week - a focus on actual investor-types based on interviews - worth tuning in for) - essentially saying that our current methodology model is based on attracting methodologists, but there may soon be a shift to letting investor appetite dictate the methodology and IC seeking out the methodologist - interesting stuff.

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Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
2000 - Product WG

Daily DAOwlpha: @TheYoungCrews mentioned in the GWG call that there’s a great 20 minute YouTube video on play-to-earn and Axie Infinity in the Philippines. “It’s a social network, it’s a job, an educational platform where people can learn new skills, and it’s literally lifting people out of poverty.”

- @mel.eth

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Great sCoop @mel.eth !

One little one: by DOC above I think you mean @Financial-Freedom.



Not the first time I’ve made that mistake, hopefully the last, thanks @DevOnDeFi ! :owl:

Cc @Tudou for the shoutout!!!

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