Working Group Proposals [Digest]

The purpose of this post is to give a quick rundown of working group proposals and their statuses as it stands today.

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Due to some imminent changes which we will be proposing as part of Finance of the Future, POC WG and Treasury WG will be submitting their proposal after the deadline set for 6th of Oct.

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Hi All,

Further to this statement, we would like to follow up and advise the POC WG, Finance WG and Finance of the Future (FoF) publication will be out later this week. We apologies for the delay in getting these posts out to the community.

The Finance of the Future forum post will detail the changes to the respective working group proposals and will hopefully eliminate the need to iterate on the WG proposals in the near term, mid Q4. With respect to the Q4 budget, we are very fortunate there is great communication around this topic and the budget being prepared has input from both WG proposals. The changes being made to already drafted proposals is around roles, responsibilities and sub verticals within each working group. With all the changes that have been discussed we want to present clearly defined roles, verticals and definition within each WG.

If we published the WG proposals without the context from the FoF publication, then we risked a lot of questions from the community that would be answered in the FoF publication. We hope to avoid a lot of forum dialogue by submitting all three publications at the same time. The volume of work needed to get the FoF publication out with the WG proposal timeline was too great. We should have informed the community of this earlier and we fully accept/own any criticism of our failure to do so. We will endeavour to improve our communications going forward.

Just to be sure we are all on the same page, there is no assumption FWG or POC WG will be approved. No WG is unique in this regard, we all work for the community, to improve the community and are to be held accountable by the community.