The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.09.22 Wednesday

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Today we had the Business Development WG and Leadership Forum meetings. Don’t miss the Index 2.0 Workshops tomorrow and Friday!

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Business Development WG (17 attendees) notion
Opener: Where would you like to contribute besides Index Coop? No repeat answers, DAOs named spanned DeFi and NFT/entertainment. The only one I didn’t recognize was Big Head Club by @EricJorgenson and when I went to check it out and plugged in my email I received an auspicious toast that stated: “This is the beginning of the rest of your life.” . . . who knew!? I’m excited. What a time to be alive. Moving along . . .

@Mringz at the conn, but @oneski22 further kicked-off the meeting with a live-update from Mainnet '21 in NYC! Noted was that Index Coop is heavy on integrations and otherwise have a lot of constituent protocols within our indexing products; Aave and Compound were highlighted. Besides some great meetings with our various VC partners, a heartwarming tweet from the Hamza over at Polygon who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this week.

DAO Treasury sales have been STRONG with Nexus Mutual looking to add DPI to their capital pool, interest from NFTX, and Barnbridge and Shapeshift likely closing soon. @funkmasterflex gave a huge shout, fully backed by @Mringz, to the team coordinating these efforts.

While APAC Owls have been fleshing out the details of a WG, swoop on over to the APAC BD channel to jump into the conversation in the meantime. The current vertical within BDWG hasn’t slowed pace in the meantime with a ton of useful research ongoing, and many integrations and potential listings advancing.

And finally, some non-APAC integration teasers: Vesper Vault, FRAX><FUSE, DPI:ETH Barnbrige Vault . . . ~fin~

Leadership Forum (22 attendees)
@afromac took us through the high-level initiatives and cross-functional announcements this week. @fallow8 gave a quick recap of @Metfanmike and @setoshi’s speaking engagement at Mainnet this past Monday, noting that the conversation was interesting and Index Coop was well represented; hopefully a recording will become available soon. There are two upcoming Index 2.0 workshops, with Thursday covering trust-levels and compensation, and Friday covering representation and diversity.

@gregdocter outlined the deadlines for the next Funding Council Grant with the final date for Working Group approval being October 4, 2021. Some discussion on interim-funding for new WGs that are created during Q4 with forthcoming guidance in the forum. There was also some discussion around funding interim and cross-functional initiatives with both Growth WG and POC WG initially viewed as ideal umbrellas under which to house such an initiative.

@nic has flagged that he’s working toward building consensus around how to approach community in what has historically been a product-centric DAO. No discussion on this specifically within the forum yet, but if you have thoughts on this please reach out to @nic.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1000 - New Joiner [APAC]
1600 - Owl Levels and Compensation [Index 2.0] (1.5-hrs)
1700 - Conversations with the Coop - Evan Van Ness, Ethereum OG (drop questions here)
1900 - Growth WG Meeting
OOO: @MrMadila thru Sep 24, @Pepperoni_Joe thru Sep 24, @Mringz (limited capacity) thru Sep 24

Daily DAOwlpha: “‘DeFi’ is just ‘finance’ if you’re in college.” - @funkmasterflex (during discussion on integrating with university groups on today’s BDWG call)

- @mel.eth


IDK where @funkmasterflex came from but he has been KILLING IT! :rocket:

We need a video of Mainnet speaking ASAP - stoked to watch it


Thanks homies. Standing on the shoulders of giants :muscle:

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