APWG || October Update

Lead: @pujimak_in

Core Builders: @Vanita @Lanks @Tudou @lee0007 and @Louisaraj

APWG Q4 Proposal


  • Increase $Net Inflow through strategic Business Development & Institutional Business partnerships
  • Increase $ Aggregate Trade Volume by raising awareness of Index Coop Products through regional content development and events
  • Increase # unique holders & community contributor autonomy through effective coordination and alignment of people’s skills and interests.

Notable highlights so far:

  • Index Coop exposure to the East Asia market via Chainnews Blockchain Live event
  • Louisa is officially our Talent Scout and Community Manager for APWG

Q4 APWG Growth & Performance

Although the strategic objectives remain unchanged our approach to quantifying value continues to evolve. We recognise that measuring quantifiable value is a challenge for which we continue to seek answers. As such, there have been a number of changes to the tactical objectives and key performance indicators identified in the funded Q4 APWG proposal. A forum post has been created to provide transparency around changes, to detail strategic and tactical objectives and to report on Q4 monthly performance against current KPI’s.

Chainnews & Exposure to East Asia

October saw the APWG launching a coordinated effort to raise product awareness in the region, including engaging institutional partners and making appearances on Chinese media. Meetings with Binance Labs and BSC help us test the water of the enormous ecosystem of Binance. Meanwhile, we established contact with Babel Finance and Onchain Custodian, both of which provide potential TradFi onramps. With the help from LD Capital, MVI methodologists were able to access the founding team of Wilder World, a budding blockchain gaming start-up.

Setting up the foundation for South Asia

October 2021 we spread our wings to tap the India Market. Setting up the team of talented contributors to reach the Indian retail and Institutional Investor, creating a strategy of easy access and awareness & educative marketing on Index Coop and its product,We reached out to CEXs (Coindcx, Bitbns) to gauge interest in listing Index Product, Created a social media influencer and you tuber outreach program to create database, establish connect and collaboration for awareness and educative marketing campaigns. Collaboration with East POD for research to help test the water of the enormous ecosystem of Binance and its reach in India. It’s also important to know our own landscape and ecosystem in crypto, we did a research of it and the findings on the same will soon follow in another forum post.

Guiding Owls about Business Development Processes

October 2021 has been quite a good month as coaching and building business development competency among Owls who want to contribute in the BD space. South Asia Team was among of them, being a newly formed team, @Lanks has been helping the team in giving context and processes to help them be more efficient in their approach.Furthermore now with our Bi-Weekly BD x APWG Call which was initiated by @lee0007, we are now able to aligned with the Global BD Team (@Mringz and @BigSky7) in our initiative.

Things to be aware off in the Forum for November

  • South Asia Report on India Landscape
  • Binance Smart Chain value proposition

Message from the Lead

October was an important month for Asia + Pacific and for the Coop as whole in its quest for global expansion. We worked through several fundamental challenges especially when our working group was just established, after a month; we came out better than we had a month ago. Building a solid foundation for our team to work autonomously, a lot of processes needs to be set while removing blockers to further empower the team to move forward is key for APWG success. It’s always an ongoing process, and it’s our goal to make this working group a standard that others will take inspiration from. Building a well oiled team isn’t easy, but as the quarter progresses, we believe that we’ll come stronger together as a global high impact team ready to take on what challenges lie ahead.

Ever since the first APAC call back in early July (see here for building context), the growth has been tremendous. From only a few of us, now we have almost 40 community members from the APAC region with almost a quarter of them actively contributing to the Index Coop. Some have even taken a prominent role within the Coop (@bradwmorris , @Cavalier_Eth to name a few). This is but a small success for us as a regional community, but it’s worth noting that talents and the huge growth potential in this region cannot be understated.

As we work through the challenges to grow our footprint in the region, more and more coordination between other vertices is needed. Thus we believed that with so many changes in the pipeline via Index 2.0 especially The Nest Modal which will come soon, we would be able to further solidify the importance of regional expansion (not only Asia+Pacific but also LATAM, MENA, etc).

Thus if you want to get involved in APWG - we would love to have you!! A great place to build context is attending our Bi-Weekly Meeting as well as our Notion Workspace. From here please reach out to myself, our Talent Scout or any other Core Builders for tasks that we need assistance on.


Highlighting that relative to other WGs, APWG is especially good at engaging across the other functional areas of the DAO, curating solutions, and experimenting locally to leverage the full power of the DAO to meaningfully penetrate those specific markets. If any contributors have an eye toward developing partnerships or expanding The Coop to new locals, it’s worth dropping into the APWG meeting to leverage their early learnings.

Y’all do a heck of an amazing job keeping up with meetings time-zoned to the Western Hemisphere; please be sure to take care of yourselves as I see a higher likelihood of burnout given your schedules. Don’t be shy about requesting that meetings of interest be recorded for async viewing. If there’s anything y’all feel we can be doing as non-APAC contributors or an organization to support your efforts please drop it here or schedule some 1:1 time to chat (drop it in any time and note the times that work for you if it’s not during your working hours and we can figure it out).


The believe the mandate provided is based on outdated KPI’s APWG Growth & Performance Measures: Q4 Updates was created prior to this post to

  • clarify APWG current objective and key performance indicators
  • provide an up to date reference for monthly reporting during Q4 2021 @pujimak_in
  • ensure transparency and opportunity for community feedback

I would suggest the mandate should be the strategic objective as per the funded proposal (copied below in bold)

Strategic Objective: Deliver quantifiable value ≥ 5 x APWG Requested Budget = ~$770k quantified in terms of net inflow, trade volume, raised awareness and minimised costs

  • A [Strategic KPI] APAC % Net $ Inflow
  • B [Strategic KPI] APAC % Trade Volume
  • C [Strategic KPI] APAC Median Buy Size
  • D [Strategic KPI] APAC Net Buys
    Target: baseline unknown
    Status: Experimental WIP requiring Analytics & Treasury Support

Although the strategic objectives remain unchanged our approach to quantifying value continues to evolve. We recognise that measuring quantifiable value is a challenge for which we continue to seek answers.

New strategic and tactical objectives, KPI baselines, targets and actual October performance are provided in the APWG Growth & Performance Measures: Q4 Updates

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