APWG || November Update

Lead: @pujimak_in

Core Builders: @Vanita @Lanks @lee0007 @Louisaraj @kohei

Resources / Updates
APWG Q4 Proposal
APWG || October Update

Strategic Objective:
Deliver quantifiable value ≥ 5 x APWG Requested Budget = ~$770k quantified in terms of net inflow, trade volume, raised awareness and minimise costs

Tactical Objectives:

  1. Drive [Strategic Success Measures] through Business Development & Institutional Business partnerships
  2. Support new contributors to develop IB BD context, depth of market and product knowledge and empower high-impact contributors through increased autonomy
  3. Increase $ Aggregate Trade Volume by raising awareness of Index Coop Products through regional content development and events with CTA that drive visitors to the IC website.
  4. Identify, develop and retain contributors owls through the use of APAC onboarding community & talent scouting and mentoring initiatives.

Notable highlights so far:

Q4 APWG Growth & Performance

By @lee0007

  • We now have a full month of APAC specific website data and are seeing trends in the data for users sessions by hours of the day. The question remains of whether off chain data (website users) correlates to on chain data (sales).
  • Percentage of Gold Silver Bronze Owls is down slightly due to a number of new contributors joining the community
  • APWG measure of diversity has changed and is reflected in the jump from 13.5% of All APAC Community (Oct) to 21% of APWG Active Contributors(Nov).
  • Both Japan and Thailand have shown considerable growth in the past month, Japan has overtaken Australia as the leading country for website activity. Thailand has also driven significant increase in traffic to the website
  • Users growth continue in favour of MVI
  • Compared to global our website user statistics are in October numbers. APWG baselines and targets for website users were based on Q3 averages.They are currently reported monthly which does not allow for a direct comparison but still sets a realistic quarterly target.

Setting Up the Japan Team for EAST ASIA

by @kohei

November 2021, we set up the team of 9 talented contributors to raise product awareness in the
Japan Market. (Proposal team, Translation team, Original content team, Data analytics team, Twitter team, Japanese onboarding team) As a result, we saw a rapid growth in website visitors from Japan and got 127 followers in 3 days since we started the Japanese twitter account. Currently, we are preparing to further expand while consulting with a lawyer to make sure that we proceed in accordance with Japanese law and regulations.

India Landscape and pivoted to educative approach

by @Vanita

November 2021 had South Asia team focusing on doing an in depth Landscape Research on India Market, working with the polygon team to leverage their resources and network to get the message out on Index Products on Polygon, working with a social media influencer in India for podcast on All About Index and AMA on MVI. Conducted a voluntary Meetup in Mumbai with a participation of 120 paxs of crypto enthusiasts, this helped to reach out to the crypto enthusiast about Index Products. Researching and exploring ways to create long drawn marketing initiatives with external parties to ensure proper reach out. Supporting APAC initiatives on Binance Research, giving guidance, direction and strategic roadmap for setting up the Japan team.

Reconnecting & updating latest information

by @Lanks

Our focus in November was directed towards 2 key topics, the first to update essential IndexCoop information, statistics, links and other key information on CoinMarketCap. We have since obtained direct access to the CoinMarketCap self service admin portal to service IndexCoop products on an ongoing basis. The second key topic was to restart conversations with in-region exchanges such as Matrixport & Hex Trust. We had previously engaged these exchanges to discuss the possibility of listing DPI. Since the Coinbase listing of DPI we have re-engaged these providers to evaluate the possibility of listing IndexCoop products

Growing Talent in the Asia + Pacific region

by @Louisaraj

November 2021 was a good month for onboarding talents in APWG. East Asia Pod is shaping up with 9 active contributors and are working on the strategic plan to approach the Japanese market. Oceanic pod is the next focus for talent expansion, with two potential contributors who are interested. Two highly engaging APWG Tea Time sessions were conducted to build more effective personal connections.

Things to be aware off for December

  • Podcast session - An Introduction to Index Coop
  • Polygon x Index AMA Session
  • MVI AMA Session

Message from Lead

November has been quite a month for the Asia + Pacific team. After setting up the foundation while reiterating processes in October; November highlight was scaling our presence in the region. Also we have published into the forum two important research that touches upon Index Coop mission of making crypto investing simple, easy and accessible. This is done on two major aspects; blockchain research and country research. We believe that by doing R&D and showcasing the findings for the community as a whole to view and provide constructive feedback is important in driving Index Coop forward as we aim to make this organisation to last for 100 years.

Furthermore, with all the growth and progress we’ve made so far in these two months since APWG was established; we’ve come to a realisation that our working group is the most inclusive group in Index Coop if not in the whole DAO ecosystem. Given that most of the active contributors in APWG, almost all of them are uniquely diverse in their own rights. That itself should warrant its own merits even though it’s often overlooked by the majority of the community.

As we move towards December and 2022, and the Nest modal coming into light; we believe that APWG working modal will be used in the broader Regional Expansion aspect within Growth Nest. On a personal note, I am personally bullish on the growth of not only APWG but the whole Coop as we venture into new markets (not only in our product pipelines) but towards other chains and having localise presences across the world.

Thus if you want to get involved in APWG - we would love to have you!! A great place to build context is attending our APWG Bi-Weekly calls (Community, BD/IB x APWG and Teat Time) as well as our Notion Workspace and the forum. From here please reach out to myself or any other Core Builders for tasks that we need assistance on.


ASIA is the star of IC. The growth is remarkable, especially because it us shadowed of the crypto situation in China.

The new Japan team follows the rise of India team. Good work. I appreciate your effort.

I hope that 2022 will be a very successful year for the entire APAC region.