AWG April Progress Report

Author: @jdcook (AWG Leader)

April was the first month of existence for the Analytics Working Group (AWG). This post serves as the first “progress report” for the working group. The AWG uses a GitHub repository as the home for all project, request, and code management. Feel free to view the project board to see what the AWG is up to at any time!


The AWG’s approach up to this point has been to take requests from other working group leads and participate in conversations/meetings across the Coop in order to best prioritize Analytics work. This informal approach has worked well up to this point, and will likely continue to be the main approach. Over time, as the AWG brings on more core contributors, it may make sense to have specific contributors assigned to different functional areas (growth, product, treasury, etc), but we don’t yet have the bandwidth to operate that way.

While there are more natural fits between Analytics and the Product and Treasury groups, it seems that there is more opportunity for the AWG to partner with the Content and Marketing teams at the Coop. The current crypto & DeFi markets react extremely well to analytics-based content - so this next month there will be a bigger focus from the AWG on supporting content and marketing related efforts.

Building analytics for any type of organization in an “open-source” fashion is not super common, so we are focused on building the right processes so this can scale as the Coop grows. We have set up an Index Coop Analytics repo along with contributor documentation and processes (a bit light at the moment) in order to facilitate contributions, reviews, and code management. This will be an ongoing, iterative process, but I believe we are at the forefront of DAO analytics with the way we are going.

Projects/Requests Completed

Contributions & Rewards

Analytics working group rewards for the month of April. Rewards were paid out using an INDEX price of $38 (20-day average INDEX price from April 10 - April 30).

@tutnyce - $1000

@TenaciousTerrier - $500

  • BasketDAO / bDPI analysis

@george - $250

  • Initial work on Dune downloading script

AWG transactions can be found at this address or in this tracking doc.

Next Up

The AWG is ready to be aggressive and bring in another contributor willing to give ~10-15 hours a week. This contributor should expect to spend 50-75% of their time in SQL (Dune), and also have ability to code in R/Python for projects outside of dashboarding.

Projects/requests expected to be prioritized over the next month:

  • Treasury Dashboard
  • MVI Product Dashboard
  • ETH2x-FLI Product Dashboard
  • SMI & BTC2x-FLI KPIs
  • Asset Growth Dashboard
  • DG2 Voting Analysis (WIP)
  • NAVs vs Market Prices for Index Products


Please leave any feedback you have for the AWG!


thanks for taking the time to put this together, this is incredible :clap: It is really helpful to get this download and synthesis.

I know you provide updates each week on a number of calls, but it is still useful to get a clear rundown of projects completed, contributions & rewards, and next up

awesome :raised_hands:

Off the cuff thought: Putting a blog post running down the main Index Coop dashboards & maybe some learnings you’ve generated might double as a way to attract another contributor willing to give ~10-15 hours a week.


Amazing work JD! Setting the standards for accountability from all working groups going forward.