AWG June Progress Report

Author: @jdcook (AWG Leader)

June was the third month of existence for the Analytics Working Group (AWG). This post serves as a “progress report” for the working group. The AWG uses a GitHub repository as the home for all project, request, and code management. Feel free to view the project board to see what the AWG is up to at any time!


The AWG’s approach up to this point has been to take requests from other working group leads and participate in conversations/meetings across the Coop in order to best prioritize Analytics work. As mentioned in the previous monthly report, the AWG sought to improve on its ability to deliver on both long-term projects and short-term ad-hoc requests that could help sharpen thinking or drive strategic decision making. With the launch of Uniswap v3 and the increased focus on FLI product execution, the AWG jumped in to help the product and engineering teams evaluate Uniswap v3 pools for ETH and WBTC. This demanded ramping up on Uniswap v3 contract events and building queries that hadn’t previously existed in the broader community (big shoutout to @Deep who drove a lot of this work). This project is highlighted as an example of the types of short-term, ad-hoc requests that the AWG is constantly working on behind the scenes. This is an area that was improved this month, but we have more room to grow.

The biggest obstacle for delivering on short-term or ad-hoc requests is the limited, non-constatn availability of distributed contributors. We also need to make improve the intake and prioritization process side-by-side with other working group and functional leads. The Coop’s Q3 priorities center on building our Engineering and Product capacities. All of these will be core focuses for the AWG moving forward into July.

Building analytics for any type of organization in an “open-source” fashion is not super common, so we are focused on building the right processes so this can scale as the Coop grows. We have set up an Index Coop Analytics repo along with contributor documentation and processes (a bit light at the moment) in order to facilitate contributions, reviews, and code management. This will be an ongoing, iterative process, but I believe we are at the forefront of DAO analytics with the way we are going.

Projects/Requests Completed

Contributions & Rewards

Analytics working group rewards for the month of June. Rewards were paid out using an INDEX price of $21.76 (20-day average INDEX price from June 10 - June 30).

@jdcook - $10,000 (paid out using spot price of INDEX at time of transaction)

  • full-time working group leader stipend

@jackiepoo - $2000

  • Treasury

@Deep - $2500

  • Uniswap v3

@loren_huang - $1500

  • Market Prices vs NAVs

@gosuto - $750

  • FLI products

@DOC - $750

  • Competitive analysis

@tutnyce - $250

  • BED voting analysis

@aehrenberg - $250

  • Growth KPIs

AWG transactions can be found at this address or in this tracking doc.

Next Up

Some of the projects/requests expected to be prioritized over the next month:

  • Liquidity Management / Strategy
  • Treasury - Live Financial Statement
  • ETH2x-FLI Product Dashboard
  • BTC2x-FLI Product Dashboard
  • BED KPIs + Product Dashboard
  • SMI KPIs + Product Dashboard
  • DPI & MVI Market Capture
  • Growth KPIs Dashboard
  • Profitability of Products
  • Governance Insights

If you are a working group lead or are working on a project that could use analytics support, please reach out to me (@jdcook) on Discord or ping the #analytics channel.

Let’s keep winning.