Bringing on a Community Manager **Poll Added**

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As the number of contributors to the Coop continues to grow, we are seeing the need for a friendly face (or faces) to onboard new people and efficiently introduce them to our operations. Working group leads are also struggling to keep up with progress elsewhere in the Coop as they continue to focus on their areas of expertise.

Having a community manager can help Index Coop continue to scale while reducing information loss across the organisation. They will also help new starters get oriented and effectively onboard them to the right places for contributing effectively.

Next steps:

  • Outline the scope and responsibilities of the role below, laid out similarly to working group proposals
  • Nominate and onboard someone to the role

What are the core problems this solves?

As briefly outlined in the summary;

  • The IC is growing rapidly, there is a need to improve the process of onboarding new contributors
  • Beyond just onboarding, any opportunity to get involved needs matching with people who want to start contributing. A community manager can help facilitate this.
  • Working group leads themselves don’t always have time to stay up to date with developments elsewhere in the Coop. ACM will act as a community facilitator, helping to better coordinate teams, fill information voids, and improve Coop efficiency by providing context or involving the right people in a discussion
  • The Coop’s Discord is seeing an increase in spam posts and is becoming difficult to moderate for current mods, having a Coop CM will help keep Discord a useful and quality forum for the Coop.

What does the community manager do?

**Edit to add updated responsibilities

Proposed stipend: $5k for lead, $2.5k for co-lead

As with all the other working groups this will be a 3 month trial to begin with, with a reflection point after that time period and a chance to iterate if required. A poll will be added after 3 days from the post going live to give time for discussion and nominations.

  • For - PepperoniJoe and Mrvls Brkfst will share the community management role and responsibilities. Stipend will be $5k and $2.5k respectively
  • Against - Do not implement the role as proposed

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In a personal capacity I would look to nominate @mrvls_brkfst and/or @Pepperoni_Joe.

Mrvls brkfast has worked relentlessly and with individual agency to get the language operations up and running, which is now seeing some real traction with publications in multiple languages. He is also present in a number of weekly calls and has a finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s going on in the Coop.

Pepperoni Joe has made a real impact despite only joining the Coop recently. Taking charge of the onboarding process and making sure the process flow for new users is smooth and engaging. This comes at a vital period in our growth where we are seeing a number of new faces looking to join the community.

I think either of these guys would make a fantastic community manager (or dynamic duo?) and could help to make sure we are picking up talent, pointing them in the right direction and making the Coop community a high performing and enjoyable place to be.


I would like to reinforce that @mrvls_brkfst and @Pepperoni_Joe are perfect for this job.

I recently joined the community and both have the right mindset to grow and champion our community.


Thanks for the nomination @DarkForestCapital!

Since joining its been an absolute whirlwind getting up to speed and discovering more about the vision, products and people that sit at the heart of Index Coop.

I would be keen to work with @mrvls_brkfst to jointly handle the Community Manager role, especially as we both bring our own unique experience, strengths and interests.


yeo, community manager is a key role in a growing project. it’s a important link between the core team and users.

More than the discord, being visible and writing nice content on Twitter for instance is very important .


I am 100% in favor of this. We are building a movement and a culture - I cannot think of two better community members to lead this effort.

@mrvls_brkfst has worked tirelessly to build language ops with tremendous success. @Pepperoni_Joe is a force of nature and has already made a huge impact.

The culture we build today as a $200 AUM protocol is the same culture we will have as a $50 billion global powerhouse.


Wow! Thank you for the nominations!

If I can help make the Coop more effective, efficient, and an even better place than it already is, then I’m here for that and I’m keen to work with @Pepperoni_Joe (:fire:) on making the most of the role for the community.


@Pepperoni_Joe & @mrvls_brkfst are also my idle candidates. With @Pepperoni_Joe for general community management and @mrvls_brkfst focusing on non-English native speakers and pushing out high quality contributors there. Looking forward to seeing these roles develop!


Massively appreciate the support shown by this community :innocent:

@mrvls_brkfst and I have had a few discussions around the key activities for this role, and we have allocated out areas of ownership based on our respective interest, experience and availability.

Really welcome feedback on our thinking :fire:


Seems like we’ve come to decent consensus on how it will work and the reception has been positive! Will add a poll referring to this table and add some numbers for compensation.

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Voted FOR

@Pepperoni_Joe has really hit the ground running showing great leadership and initiative in this area.

@mrvls_brkfst has great ideas period.

Hard to pick two more welcoming people for the job.

Fully send it!


Poll closed with 100% in favour after 5 days of voting. @Pepperoni_Joe and @mrvls_brkfst will receive the stipend from May rewards distribution onwards!

We will revisit what the role has accomplished in early August before continuing for a longer period.