Recruiting | Index Coop Community Managers (Western hemisphere)


As the number of contributors to the Coop continues to grow we are seeing the need for friendly faces to onboard new joiners efficiently, identify top talent and onboard them into Index Coop using our established process.

Furthermore, we are seeing an increased reliance on Discord to effectively coordinate our activities and there is a need for this platform to remain streamlined and spam-free.

Currently, much of the activity to moderate Discord and facilitate the New Joiner call is being undertaken by Index Coop members who already have a significant amount of other high leverage responsibilities on their plate.

As such, there is now a need for several new community members to step up and take on this role.

What are the core problems this solves?

As briefly outlined in the summary;

  • The IC is growing rapidly, there is a need to ensure discord remains an effective collaboration tools
  • The Coop’s Discord is seeing an increase in spam posts and is becoming difficult to moderate for current mods, having a Coop Community Managers will help keep Discord a useful tool for the Coop.
  • There is a need for someone to set up new channels, manage Discord roles and implement bots.
  • There is a need for someone to consistently run the weekly “New Joiner orientation call” and manage and maintain our existing New Joiner onboarding process.


  • Ensure the Index Coop code of conduct is maintained across our Discord channels
  • Implement bots to streamline our use of Discord and support the automation of aspect of the New Joiner process
  • Service requests by community members set up new channels.
  • Manage member roles and channel permission
  • Protect the community from spam, misinformation, and irrelevant posts.
  • Address adhoc question and engagement from New Joiners
  • Create meaningful engagement within the community by coming up with innovative ideas for social event
  • Assist in organizing and hosting events and AMAs when required.
  • Facilitate the Weekly “New Joiner Orientation call”
  • Continue to iterate on and improve the Index Coops onboarding process to ensure it remains as the “industry best practices” for how DAOs onboard talent into their organisation.


  • Must have:
    • Genuine interest and understanding of decentralized finance
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, remote working environment
    • Creative mindset and desire to challenge the status quo
  • Beneficial:
    • Prior experience in a community management role, with a track record of growing crypto communities, and a deep understanding of crypto culture.
    • Prior experience contributing at Index Coop.
    • Experience implementing Discord bots, roles and channel permissions
  • Roughly able to work between the hours of 9am - 9pm UTC. Noting there is some flexibility here.

Time commitment

  • This role is part time, with an expected weekly time commitment of 8-12 hours per week


  • Community Managers will go through a three week probationary period, where they will be rewarded a minimum of $675.
  • Additionally rewards will be allocated based on performance and number and success of new initiatives released.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the three week probationary period. This payment will rise to a $1315 monthly stipend.
  • This will be paid in Index tokens per month. This will be in addition to any other contribution rewards at Index Coop.
  • Rewards will be open to negotiation on an ongoing basis.
  • After the probationary period this role will be renewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Further compensation negotiations will also be welcomed during renewal periods.

Success criteria

  • Candidates performance will be evaluated based on:
    • Number of new joiner calls attended and facilitated (max 4 per month)
    • Feedback scores from the New Joiner calls
    • Responsiveness to request for new channels and any other ad hoc feedback from the community
    • Number of new initiatives which are identified and which can improve the effective running of our Discord and New Joiner process.

Regular feedback on performance against this criteria will be provided.

Next steps

If you are interested in applying for this role, please complete the following form.

APAC Community Managers

Finally, I would like to celebrate the appointment of @pujimak_in and @bradwmorris as Community Manager for the APAC region :partying_face:

They have demonstrated all of the skills and dedication required to be truly successful within this role.

@LemonadeAlpha as APAC currently sits under Growth, could I request the reward for these APAC positions be split 50:50 between POC and Growth?