Changing the Cadence of Governance Calls

Hey all,

We are planning on moving our largest bi-weekly governance call to a monthly cadence.

The current bi-weekly cadence is not often enough to address the more active communication collaboration requirements of the Index Coop (BD, marketing, community operations). Lots of the day-to-day Index Coop collaboration work has been moved to the weekly Monday meeting.

Not everyone can commit to the weekly Monday meeting which is OK. Many of us still see value in having a Coop-wide governance call, to give a venue for new members to get introduced to the Coop, celebrate the successes of Coop contributors, and reflect + realign on the mission of the Index Coop. The current plan is to have that big governance call on the first Tuesday of every month.

As always, this is open to community feedback & revision.


I thought the initiative was good