Post Governance Call Notes - 001

Post Governance Call Notes - 001

Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our first governance call, it was great meeting all of you!

The governance call audio and deck have been posted below:

This first governance call was mostly focused on finding alignment on vision and strategy for the next steps of the Index Coop. Members seemed to rally around the idea of pushing adoption of the DPI Set over the next 2 months.

Some TODO items from the call:

  • Work on expanding independent UI for servicing DPI and Index Coop products (separate from It would be great to have a site dedicated to crypto ETFs
  • Put together a marketing/meme plan to begin pushing wider adoption of the Index Coop
  • Discuss & expand community contribution mechanism. How should community contributions be rewarded?
  • Discuss & expand on how to handle community delegates for collateral protocol tokens in the DPI Set.

Ok the AAVE Up on customers, incentives, fees and treasury.

AIP 2 - Fees & Rewards: How to improve the $AAVE token value?

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Iā€™m about 3/4 of the way though this pod cast. Some great thoughts on communities and how we can build governance.

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Doh, somehow I lost the link:

An interesting read from one of our partners.