Governance Call Agenda - 004

Governance Call Agenda - 004

Date : December 1st, 9am - 10:30am PST
Call Moderator : Inje (@inje)

Index Coop’s fourth governance call is scheduled for Tuesday, December 1st @9am PST.
This governance call will be focused on community-wide alignment + new user onboarding.

1. Technical Rules & Agenda

  • Purpose : Prevent technical difficulties / distractions
  • Stay muted unless you’re speaking
  • This call will be recorded. If you don’t want your voice to be recorded you can type in chat.
  • Governance meetings will be timeboxed. Any longer discussions can continue in the related governance post after the call.

2. Community Member Introductions (< 5 minutes)

  • Purpose : Put a face to the discord username; Build trust and acknowledgment of each attendee and allow each person to at least contribute 1 thing to the conversation

3. Index Coop by Numbers - (< 5 minutes) - Punia

  • Purpose : Progress update on Index Coop growth metrics

4. Media Mentions - (<5 minutes) - Punia

  • Purpose : Outline and celebrate marketing success for Index Coop.

5. Product Strategy - (10 minutes) Felix

  • Purpose : Alignment on next product strategy for the Index Coop
  • The expanded vision of the Index Coop (beyond indices)
  • Index Coop’s stated near term goals

6. Index Coop Updates - (10 minutes) - Felix & Punia

  • Purpose : Providing Updates on Index Coop product & marketing progress
  • Celebrating Community Member contributions
  • Product Pipeline Update (intrinsic, extrinsic, CoinShares set and more)

7. Index Coop Sustainability & Autonomy - (10 minutes) - Felix & Punia

  • Purpose : Alignment on next Index Coop sustainability & autonomy strategy + progress

9. Housekeeping (10 minutes)

  • IIP-9 - Unclaimed INDEX & INDEX LP Snapshot Voting

    • Proposed by @ncitron
    • Count Unclaimed INDEX & INDEX LP tokens in snapshot votes
    • Passed with super majority
    • Will be implemented sometime this week.
  • IIP-10 - Treasury Committee Grant #2

    • Proposed by @dylan
    • Grant the Treasury Committee 50,000 INDEX for rewarding Index Coop contributors
    • Did not pass with super majority
    • Voting will be moved to snapshot
    • Voting begins today, ends Nov 4th 11am PST
  • IIP-11 - DPI Liquidity Mining #2

    • Proposed by @punia and @dylan
    • Extend liquidity mining program for DPI for an additional month
    • Initial voting on governance forum will be held Dec 1st to Dec 4th.

**Post Meeting & Closing **

  1. After this call we’ll make a forum post with details about the call, like where to find notes, the recording etc.
  2. In the comments section of that post we can continue discussion and propose new topics for the agenda of the next governance meeting
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will the index have project ambassadors?