Christmas Coordinape Celebration

It is the season to be jolly!

Our journey over the last year hasn’t always been easy, at times hard, frustrating and scary - but each and every one of us should be proud of what we have achieved at Index Coop together.

To recognise this, and to reward the many hours of time you have invested levelling up Index Coop through Index 2.0 - we would like to announce a special Christmas treat.

People Nest (formally TOC WG) will be sharing leftover Q4 budget from TOC with all active Index Coop contributors as New Year prezzies.

You decide who receives what bonus! This is your opportunity to acknowledge the work of those around you who have pushed the Coop towards success, and an opportunity for us to recognise the contributions of those who have gone above and beyond to support the Coop.

How will it be distributed?

We will be running an Index Coop wide Coordinape circle from now until December 22nd. A video description of Coordinape is shown below:

Please ensure you are connecting to Coordinape with the same 0x address you’ve listed on your contributor reward sheet.


  • Each contributor will be allocated 100 GIVE tokens. These GIVE tokens can be allocated to any other Index Coop participant in the Coordinape circle.
  • We are encouraging everyone to share these GIVE tokens with contributors who have gone above and beyond over the last year. Or to those you wish to specifically recognise for the work they have done at Index Coop.
  • The leftover TOC budget will then be split based on the number of GIVE tokens each contributor receives.
  • Full Timers will also be eligible to receive a reward for the Christmas bonus.
  • This is the season of giving, you will only be eligible to receive your reward if you give to others as part of the Coordinape circle.
  • Every contributor, regardless of WG will be eligible to give and receive GIVE tokens if they have received contributor rewards in Oct 2021 and Nov 2021.
  • Contributors will be able to provide GIVE from NOW to December 31st - with payment being shared by Jan 10th.


  • Allow us to recognise and reward the success of others
  • Get us all comfortable using a payment tool we will likely adopt across our organization in 2022

Please let us know here if you have any questions. We’ve also created a :christmas_tree::monkey:-eoy-christmas-celebration channel in Discord… now let the giving begin! :christmas_tree:


Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone!

P.S. Just checked and its no Coordinape Cycle for Index for my address


Happy Holidays Fellas

Tip for anyone already in a Coordinape circle trying to find the Holiday circle
If you are like me and having a hard time finding the Christmas circle when you log into Coordinape because you are already in a People Nest or other circle - you can go to your profile pick and find it there.
Also Pro tip: I really like to use the ‘Give Allocated’ sort function in the top right corner after I have allocated to see if I have ended up with what I want in terms of overall allocation.

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I’m also not seeing myself as being part of a circle

@0xModene I can see you in our IC christmas circle. If you want, dm me or PNest folks a screenshot or video of what you see and we can get you set up

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@pvmihalache I do not see you in our circle. @bradwmorris @Pepperoni_Joe can get you set up with it

Hello. Double check you’re connecting to Coordinape with the same 0x address you used to submit contributor rewards. If you have no luck finding the ciricle, ping @Hammad1412 on Discord with your 0x address and we’ll get you added in.


Same address as the one used for rewards

this is such a chaotic intro to Coordinape for those that haven’t been exposed to it yet, but I’m here for it. Let’s give this GIVE! 🧑‍🎄


It’s going to be a beautiful Holliday for us all. Pumped up for Q1 2022​:brown_heart::rocket:. Index coop to the world. TVL $2B​:rocket:

Baptism by fire, year of the owl


Hey @Hammad1412 , does every contributor (e.g. owlets/ new copper owls) get to be part of the circle? Or only contributors with OWL IDs assigned?

Hey everyone :wave:

We just wanted to confirm a slight change to our approach.

We will now be closing the Christmas Coordinape circle on Wednesday the 22nd of December during our EOY Celebration - Year of the OWL event.

So absolutely no reason to head on over to Coordinape and share that GIVE as soon as possible!


my first time using it, pretty cool tool


It makes fun. I gone through all the names and added 1 Gift token to some, then I did it a second (third, fourth) time and added to some who had already 1 another, … Till all tokens were used.

Next time I will add comments of encouragement to these people, and I did not fill out an introduction of my deeds for this period.

The map looks also cool, from where to where tokens are flowing. I am sure that will be a success system (as all that IC does).


Hey I cannot login to this because my address is a Gnosis Safe wallet controlled by my company (Token Terrier LLC) and Coordinape won’t let me login with it.

See screenshot of my problem:


If you have a burner wallet we can just set you up on that and you can allocate your GIVE tokens from that address.

Drop me a DM on Discord. :pray:

Got it from @Hammad1412 - thank you!

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We registered anyone who contributed (monthly contributor rewards) for the past two months regardless of owl level