sCoop Weekly - 2021.12.17

Welcome to the sCoop Weekly where you’ll get a rundown of the week that was and where the Owls are flying next. Be sure to follow daily and weekly Index Coop contributor news on Twitter: @HowWeDAO

Index Going Big on Polygon

The launch of Index Coop’s first native Polygon token, Eth2x-FLI-Polygon has created quite a buzz. Along with an article on The Defiant, @Mringz & @pujimak_in took part in an AMA with the Polygon team & the Index Coop blog is full of helpful articles. So dive into the purple goodness of low gas fees and learn about this L2 sidechain.

WIC Growing our DAO One Space at a Time

Women + NB in Index Coop have been proactively spreading the word about the good work being done at Index Coop. Their recent Twitter Space, How to DAO w/ Women in Index, attracted a crowd of 80+. Be on the lookout to participate in their upcoming events or reach out to one of their leads (@chasechapman @catjam @jujube @Lfeld ) to learn how to contribute.

What’s new and in which direction are we heading over the upcoming weeks?

Holiday Season Housekeeping & Celebration

First off, happy holidays. No matter where you are or what you celebrate, wishing all the best for your and yours this season.

Before taking off for the holidays, be sure to do the following:

:rotating_light:Call for YOUR Videos - Index Coop Recap 2021:rotating_light:

For our official Index Coop 2021 recap video, we’d love to have as many Owl faces as possible included to show how our community has grown and diversified over the year.

If you want to be included please record a short (15 - 30 seconds) video of yourself. If you’re somewhere cool, get out there and stand in front of an interesting background!

Please include:

  • Greeting (non-english languages welcome)
  • Your handle / real name
  • Where you’re from
    (-Where you’re at)
  • What you do at Index
  • Index Products you’re holding (shill your bags)
  • 1-2 words to describe the Index community :heart:

Send your video over to @caf via DM on Discord. The video will be published on the 30th of December - please submit yours by December 21st

There’s no shortage of events in crypto and Index Coop plans to have some meetups in 2022, COVID-willing. Keep your eye out for ones near you and give @MrMadila a shout to add to our calendar.

Permissionless - Palm Beach, Florida: May 17-19, Tickets
Index Coop will be a co-sponsor of the event and a lot of Owls will be in attendance.

A number Nests and Pods are actively seeking contributors to help Index Coop grow and deliver results that moves our DAO forward. Here are a few and the people to reach out to:

Business Development (@funkmasterflex) - DAO Treasury Diversification, University Blockchain Club Relations
Governance (@lavi @mel.eth ) - Assist with IIP creation, voting, and metagovernance; Boardroom updates
Women + NB in Index (@chasechapman @Lfeld) - Contribute to ideation and execution of events including workshops, Twitter Spaces, and conferences
People Nest (@StepvhenH @0xMitz) - explore ways to help contribute to education and community efforts
Growth (@TheYoungCrews) - attack the whitespace and learn about memes and vibing benefits the Index Coop

Something to share with your non-crypto family and friends to assure them you’re not working in MLM or part of a Ponzi scheme.

Learn About All Things Web3 - Odyssey DAO