October Rewards Distribution & Methodology


Pending approval of IIP-004 Create a Treasury Committee, Set Labs will soon be distributing rewards for Index Coop contributions. This document outlines our framework for rewarding contributors and details the October rewards distribution.

Contributor Rewards Methodology

The Index Treasury Committee is responsible for fairly rewarding Index Coop members for contributions which meaningfully further the goals of the Index Coop. This document is intended to clarify how those member rewards are decided.

When evaluating a community member’s contribution, we consider:

  • What is the impact of this member’s contributions
  • What is the quality of this member’s contributions
  • What is the effort of this member’s contributions

Contribution types and desired outcomes are generally separated into the following categories:

  • Strategy - Has this member’s contributions improved our understanding of key product, marketing, business development, strategy, or product development issues?
  • Marketing - How much awareness did this contributor bring to Index Coop & its major target narratives?
  • Product Development - What were the outcomes of the product development work of this contributor? What was the size of the contribution?
  • Business Development - What increased distribution, increased legitimacy, or increased TVL did this contributor’s BD efforts contribute to?
  • Community & Organization - How have these contributions clarified, and bolstered culture & process within the Index Coop community?

Meaningful Contributions

Meaningful contributions encompass contributions that help the Index coop grow the overall AUV (assets in vault) and holders that you can view here on the Dune analytics dashboard.

In order to properly gauge rewardable contributions, we’ve laid out a few areas of contributions which have a high likelihood of being rewarded, since they’ll meaningfully push on the Index Coop’s current goals.


  • Research and design of tokenomics, value accrual mechanisms, and protocol sustainability.
  • Sharing insights around near term product strategy goals

Product Development

  • Contributions to the Index site repo.
  • Contributions to the Index contracts repo.
  • Creating product specs.
  • Creating product designs.
  • Integrations with external products (e.g. The Graph, Uniswap Lists, IPFS)


  • Creating valuable content (e.g. Forum posts that have high engagement and are retweeted often).
  • Recruiting and onboarding valuable members into Index.
  • Creating community resources and/or adding to the community Gitbook.
  • Index Coop product evangelism on social media channels like Twitter/Medium/Discord/Telegram.
  • Creating viral memes.

Business Development/Growth

  • Getting integrations with other products (e.g. Compound, Maker, Aave, etc).
  • Getting DPI/INDEX listed on exchanges.
  • Getting featured placement on wallets, exchanges, etc.

Community & Organization

  • Discussions in Discord/forum/Twitter/etc that meaningfully contribute to the community’s conversations and proposals.
  • Participation in community calls and helping to facilitate community processes.

Disputing Rewards

If you feel like there are contributions that we’ve missed, or that you feel like there should be adjustments to the rewards amounts, please feel free to fill this form out and let us know about the rewards that you feel should be amended.

Receiving Rewards

If you’ve been rewarded INDEX tokens in this round of contributions, you can message @inje on Discord and send him an Ethereum address you’d like the rewards to be sent to.

October Rewards

The rewards distribution for the month of October can be found here.