Community Handbook

This is an open thread to 1) provide some context on changes that have occurred to The Community Handbook and 2) provide a space for updates, suggestions, and general discussion around this community asset.

Despite gitbook being geared toward technical documentation, it has become the standard for most DAO repositories of both technical and non-technical resources. Recently @Pepperoni_Joe and myself ( @mel.eth ) undertook a massive effort to reorganize this asset and make it more useful. Some people require regular use of this asset, others need something quite specific and may only use it once. The thinking was and is that this should be an intuitive guide for new joiners, contributors, investors, and anyone else looking to better understand this DAO in whole or part.

Without getting into the weeds too far ( and I wish I’d saved a copy of the old version for reference ), all of the information was carried forward, but the UX is much better. I encourage anyone reading this to spend a few minutes poking around if you haven’t already. At present, @caf and I are working on making this resource even more valuable to those that use it (while hopefully making it a bit more fun to look at).

The fact is, this resource is one of the most heavily linked-to by contributors looking to provide generalized information, and is seen as a source of truth by those seeking to gain a better understanding of The Coop. Many contributors regularly add information to this resource ( 11 different contributors in the last 30 days) - keeping tone consistent, keeping it organized, and keeping information from getting stale is an ongoing effort - but one that is necessary if we’re providing the best possible user experience.

I will make every effort to stay on-top of forum posts etc. to make sure that information is staying relevant, but if you don’t have edit access and would like something added or changed, please feel free to drop a comment here, @ me here or on discord @mel.eth#0001 , and I will make sure it gets done.


Thanks for bringing this up, here are a couple of thing that need to be amended:

  1. Paid Contributors - We should add information on key people involved with the Index Coop, and perhaps change the name to Full Time Contributors.
  2. Working Groups 101 - Need to add our newly formed POC WG.
  3. MVI One Pager - Access Denied (Owner needs to allow access for all to view)
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Thanks @mel.eth, it is certainly a highly valuable asset - clear and as up-to-date as possible. I value that it is succinct and straightforward, and I often link newcomers to it. Comes in handy for all kinds of queries! :star:


I would just like to echo how consistently we hear from New Joiners what an invaluable resource they find this document to be.

I’m hopeful as a community we can make every effort to ensure this stays an up to date and useful resource.

Thank you @sixtykeys for the eagle eyed feedback.


Found a few more things @mel.eth , so will just add them here:

  1. Claiming INDEX Rewards - Not sure if the system is permanently in place, but I suggest we change this to reflect that rewards will be distributed via, instead of the previous method.
  2. Written Articles - Update to include more recent articles such as this. Or perhaps set up a way to link directly to our Medium and Substack, so as to avoid having to upkeep this page.

Thanks for this @sixtykeys - edits made (where possible, requires some input form other parties) - extremely helpful!

Glad I could be of some assistance @mel.eth

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