New Product Category - DAO Tooling

Index Coop continues to define the bleeding edge of how DAOs are organized and effective.

As our organizational complexity increases, we may soon outgrow the fundamental tooling we started with. Our current technology stack largely consists of 4 major pillars: Discord [synchronous communication], Discourse forums [asynchronous communication], Snapshot [governance], Gnosis [governance].

Furthermore, as we engage in activities like diversifying our treasury, creating vesting contracts for full-time hires, and porting over liquidity to new venues, we need to build technology up and down the stack to be able to do so. So far, all of this has been built on an ad-hoc basis. Moving forward, we want to think about this problem proactively and prioritize it on a roadmap visible to the community.

As opposed to financial products, the customer here is internal: community members. Over the next few weeks, we hope to create structures to interview DAO members, collect feedback, do market research, and identify things our community needs.

For anyone interested in this question and working with the Product Team on it, please DM me on Discord!

Super rough notes on this topic are here:

Some next steps include answering some basic questions: what does the market for DAO tooling look like today? Who are the major players we can leverage and what do they offer?


Love this idea, Punia. DAO tooling right now is at best minimal. I see a lot of talk on Twitter about how tooling should be better, but I don’t personally see much action on the matter.

Look forward to seeing any action that can be taken, and any ideas to act on


DM sent :slight_smile:

@Pepperoni_Joe and I just had the discussion about making sure the work we’re doing in PWG is composable, aka can be turned into DAO tooling and contribute to best practice


Hey @puniaviision. I am new at IC. Got inducted a little bit in the new joiners call last week.

Could you please share access to the google doc? DMing you on discord

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Keen to be involved @puniaviision!


Love this @puniaviision! Can see this pushing the whole nascent DAO space forward while helping IC scale.


Added you as friend, @puniaviision on Discord. As I’m interested in this and see how I can contribute. Also have requested access to the doc.

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@Kiba building any necessary infra to support taking on and managing debt would fall under here as well. If there are things to be built and maintained by the Coop, which I am guessing there are.

We can just have it sent to a multisig with whoever is managing the loan. Not that complicated. Team will use spreadsheets to track PnL and DAO can always view current portfolio by plugging the multisig address into etherscan/zapper/zerion. should def be the first thing on the list. It’s basically free compared to all our other expenses (maybe $500 a year if we share accounts) and it will improve org efficiency 100x

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Theres also this coming out soon

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Would love to help with this, sent you a DM on Discord.