Partnership with Developer DAO

Disclaimer: I’m a member of the DAO.

Initially created by Nader Dabit (, the past weeks it was really hyped and now there is different working groups to shape the future of the DAO. Currently, Developer DAO is seeking to establish partnerships with other DAOs and Web3 organizations. Coopahtroopa just got announced as advisor.

They are looking for people with experience in DAOs to help with different topics. I thought this would be an interesting opportunity for the Index Coop by initially helping with some topics like governance, coordination, community. Thinking about fellow owls like @chasechapman @0xMitz @MrMadila (to just name a few).

What’s in it for the Coop? It’s a DAO full of developers. Do I need to say more? :wink: In the future I could imagine having programs to easily recruit new wizards and eventually team members. Another option would be to possibly outsource work to the DAO. Additionally the development of Developer DAO could give insights and new ideas for the further development of the Index Coop DAO.

Let me know what you think? If the feedback is positive, I would suggest the Coop to be considered and check what could be next steps.


Let’s get in there! sounds like a great fit. Index Coop is a vibrant DAO building & shipping products, self-governing, coordinating, and building community as much any DAO is. We have plenty of experience in DAOing to share, from throughout our community, and we would be an excellent community to join for a developer that believes in our mission.

As the talent scout for growth & analytics WG (i just appointed myself thanks @jdcook), I’d be especially keen to come speak to Developer DAO about my experience in product, growth & community at Index Coop & recruit as best as I can, hopefully alongside others from the People & Technical Nests.


following up @jd899 – what’s the latest here & how can I or the broader Index Coop community help get this set up & flowing?

I was on vacation the last days but I’ll get back to you this week to continue talking about it. :+1: