December Rewards Distribution

December Rewards Distribution


The index Contributor Rewards Methodology can be found here.

December Distribution

The December rewards distribution has been posted here.

Rewards Contract

The rewards contract can be found here.

INDEX Valuation

INDEX rewards are first estimated in USD, and then converted to its equivalent INDEX quantity.
The 20 day rolling average value of INDEX is used to calculate INDEX distribution quantity.
The 20 day rolling average as of January 4th is calculated as $5.09 per INDEX here.

INDEX closing price data from Coingecko is used to populate the spreadsheet above.

Disputing Rewards

If you feel like there are contributions that we’ve missed, or you feel like there should be adjustments to the rewards amounts, please fill this form out.

Claiming Rewards

Head to to claim your December rewards.

Alternatively you can claim your rewards on the published contract directly.
More detailed instructions are here:

Thanks @dylan and great work on the interface to make claims much easier. :+1:

@inje @puniaviision @DarkForestCapital

I have a few questions / suggestions promoted by the current wave of gas madness (a claim at 100 gas and $1,200 = $15):

  1. Is it possible to use the same claim contract each month, so if a contributor can wait and then make a single claim that may cover multiple months?
  2. Could contributors as for a months reward to be deferred until a later month?
  3. Could the rewards be paid on Loopring L2? I believe that any ERC20 can be moved to Loopring. It’s possibly more work for to administer (individual transactions to send rather than deploy the claim contract). but contributors then have the token in a L2 wallet to hold / trade (we may decide to incentivise a L2 loopring AMM for INDEX.



Quick edit, It may be worth doing the creative competition on loopring as well…

Tagging @ncitron as the creator of the website Claim function to answer question 1 (and possibly 3).

As for 2, that isn’t a problem, some claimants have been deferred to Jan as they didn’t respond in time this month. It just needs tracking in the gdocs.

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@DarkForestCapital @overanalyser

So as it is currently setup, claiming multiple months at a time is not possible. We could attempt to write a new contract that allows for this, but it would likely be even less gas efficient, as the current contract we use (a merkle distributor), is incredibly efficient on gas.

As for question 3, it would certainly be possible, but there would be some downsides. To start, loopring does not allow us to deploy arbitrary smart contracts, meaning we could not be able to use a merkle distributor or even a multisig to send out the rewards. This means we would have to trust someone to custody the funds on loopring in an EOA.


You can also use yGifts.

Not sure you can use $INDEX yet. But I’m sure we can add it if you ask for.

You create an yGift for each rewarded member. And every month you can tip him/her. And he/she can withdraw when he/she wants.

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That’s interesting. How do we deposit into the yGift? can that be done to minimise gas / without trusting a single wallet holder?

I made this tutorial. It’s in French, but you can probably use Google trad. yGift — Cryptouf

I’m not sure we have something in English yet.

Basically you create an yGift (the creation can be expensive) . And only one wallet can claim what is inside. But everybody can tip and add money to the yGift. So for recurrent grants is very useful. And other members can also tip contributors

edit: We have something in English ! yGift - HackMD