January Rewards Distribution

January Rewards Distribution


The index Contributor Rewards Methodology can be found here.

January Distribution

The January rewards distribution has been posted here.

Rewards Contract

The rewards contract has been published here: MerkleDistributor | 0x319B852cd28B1CbEb029A3017E787B98e62Fd4e2

INDEX Valuation

INDEX rewards are first estimated in USD, and then converted to its equivalent INDEX quantity.
The 20 day rolling average value of INDEX is used to calculate INDEX distribution quantity.
The 20 day rolling average as of January 31st is calculated as $10.03 per INDEX here.

INDEX closing price data from Coingecko is used to populate the spreadsheet above.

Disputing Rewards

If you feel like there are contributions that we’ve missed, or you feel like there should be adjustments to the rewards amounts, please fill this form out.

Claiming Rewards

Once the rewards contract has been published, head over to indexcoop.com/rewards to claim your INDEX rewards.