DSM - Claiming DSM entitlement through LiquiFi

Claiming DSM entitlement

Calling all contributors. Please review this post!

I am happy to provide the community with Index Coop’s integration with LiquiFi I am super excited about partnering with their team to bring a painless solution to token vesting distributions. Their team have been very helpful and we hope to work closely with their team in the future.

The Intention of this post is to outline how contributors who are entitled to rewards from the DSM can claim their allocation. As a summary those who were hired as part of the initial core hiring process IIP-128 - Priority Hiring Round #1 and those subsequently hired by the Index council will have received INDEX through the DSM part in base equity and for those that held INDEX during this time would have also accrued additional INDEX rewards through the flexible element of the DSM.

How to access the LiquiFi Platform and claim INDEX

  • Review this document created by the LiquiFi Team for a step by step process - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  • You will need to sign in using the wallet originally submitted to Finance Nest that was used to track INDEX holding. If you need a reminder of this wallet address please do reach out to me directly - I won’t provide a list here due to potential sensitivity of data

Current Entitlement of contributors past and present

This document outlines entitlement for all contributors who have access to the DSM. Do note that the figures stated here are timelocked from the month earned. i.e if you earned INDEX rewards in February they would not become available to claim until 31st July - six month after they were earned.

Please do login to the Liquifi platform and review the functionality.

If you have any access issues or questions please reach out to me directly. Individual issues will be dealt with via discord not on the forum.