Monthly DSM Rewards Summary Thread

February, March and April DSM rewards

In this thread finance nest will provide a monthly update on the DSM rewards accumulated and provide any other updates related to the DSM in general.

In the first three months DSM rewards total 41,741.31 INDEX. The total budgeted amount per IIP-128 is 179,017 INDEX for the period 1st February 2022 to 31st January 2023.

Based on the DSM parameter change post, the following individuals (highlighted in red) are either no longer part of the organization or will be contributing at a capacity of less than 50% going forward. Therefore they forgo the rewards accumulated from the DSM. However, they will receive the fixed equity compensation six months after it was accrued.

  • Cavalier
  • DocHabanero
  • Lee0007
  • Metfanmike
  • Ncitron

As of April there are 28 core hires. From next month the following contributors will be added to the DSM rewards:

  • Theyoungcrews
  • KindEagle
  • FunkmasterFlex