Establishment of a style guide in order to create a professional appearance

Dear Index Community,

I know that there are plans to do more marketing and PR. Of course you need content for that. And some are already working on presentations and the like.

Since we want to offer our products to many people and promote them, you first need a good product (we have) a good team/community (we have them even more). and of course you also need a proper presentation nowadays.

A professional presentation is defined by a consistent look and feel. Why is this so important? By doing so, we ensure that people trust. Because without trust, nothing will be bought.

In order to create a certain consistency, certain things are recorded in a style guide. It provides orientation. It will help community and professionals who want to spread the news about the Index Coop.

I have compiled the first things that came to my mind in a file.
I suggest that we find a consensus for all important things and record them.

Here is the list of things that are also listed in the Google spreadsheet:


We have the old one (emoji owl logo)
And we have the new one ( monochrome stylised owl)

I would suggest to go on the the new one. There is also a dedicated thread for it Link


Do we have one? Do we Need one?
I think yes! :slight_smile: Please made some suggestion. I am really curious.

Word mark

DeFiPulse Index or DeFi Pulse Index (with or without space between DeFi and Pulse) Different usage, see coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. Tokenset and use the space one. Index Coop used the one with space, too

Etherscan uses DefiPulse Index. Lower case F.

Index Coop or IndexCoop again with it without space? TokenSet and use the first with space but I saw usage or discussion abou it using the no-space version.

The token itself always in capital letters ( INDEX ).


we can use the color palette ADM (@atescch) is using in his videos


website is using Aeonik, a font you have to pay for, if you want to it. I use IBM Plex for now. It is open source, modern, simple, but also has its own character. Supported also many languages (important for global approach).

What do you think about this approach in general? And of course comment to details and add your concerns.

Best regards and stay safe

PS. if it is the wrong category, please move it.


I like your ideas. Paying attention to nuance is what makes it look professional.

I would chose DeFi Puls Index (with space bc I can see a space on the defipulse website. Same applies to upper case F)

I would chose Index Coop (with space)

@colors really like the purple, blue and green

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I would like to see Index Coop take on a professional/slick feel and having consistency throughout the content is definitely a good idea. When Aave was doing up there UI, I believe there was a lot of consideration given to styling and presentation [Ref. 1]. It shows throughout there content and IMO it creates a better user experience. I think this will help Index Coop attract capital from larger funds out there as they look to gain exposure to Defi.

[Ref. 1] - Aave V2 Design Upgrade. When setting up the design and user… | by Rowan van Ginkel | Aave Blog | Dec, 2020 | Medium

+1 we definitely need to create some kind of standardization and make sure all of the content and materials we produce are consistent and professional.

I wasn’t here then, but I know the Coop has done a design sprint, that is where the current logo, font, colors derive from, I believe. I think @inje or whoever was participating in that probably has more context.

I think the conversation really needs to start with: do we need to do a broader rebrand or should we move forward with the work done a few months back?

Personally, I’m in favor of adapting and expanding the styles from that design sprint as it happened so recently. While the current crop of Index Coop contributors is different from back then, and has design ideas they want to implement, the same could probably be said in another 3-6 mos. It seems counterproductive to try and overhaul designs every couple of months.

Once we’ve answered that question I think we at least need to establish a style guide, a vast number of templates/graphics for content types, and someone to review content/design before its published.


+1 Totally agree on the standardisation. It’d be great to have a basic style guide with logos and colours held in the Gitbook so that when we are all moving around the Internet creating content, or find a place with a missing INDEX logo or coin, we can confidently add it!

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