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Hey Owls :owl:

I want to put up a vote for us to consider a new logo for the Index Coop. For the past few weeks, the community has been using a new and old version of the logo interchangeably, but the community hasn’t come to a formal decision on which logo to use.

The Goal
The goal of the chosen logo should be to represent the Index Coop in the best way possible.

As a refresher on the Index Coop’s mission, it is to focus on launching, growing, and maintaining the world’s best structured crypto products, and to simplify investor’s experiences when accessing the digital asset markets.

We want to recognize the commitment to quality that we have as a community and how we hold ourselves to a high standard, but also that we are a group of fun and creative people, which allows us to come closer as a community and helps us think creatively for the solutions we create.

The Vote
With that in mind, I’m putting up a vote below on what we’d like to do as a community when it comes to choosing a logo that represents the Index Coop. The options are to use the old logo, the new logo, or to make a new one altogether.

Old Logo

New Logo

Official Logo Vote
  • Old Logo
  • New Logo
  • Create Another Logo

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Hey Inje,

I can’t find it now but a few weeks back in one of the community calls you showed some designs with the new logo head and a full body, some variations on this:
Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 21.48.29

I think having a logo with a full owl would be better for a couple of reasons:

  1. Owl emoji directly translates to the more professional logo, similar to Uniswap. This means we can keep using the owl emoji on all the social channels and it will become associated with the official logo.
    Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 21.57.09

  2. Avoids similarity with Gnosis and Minerva logos

So I voted create another logo but really it’s a variation on the new one.


Why is gnosis so angry?


Without wanting to create more work for others, I think we do need a new one.

The old logo is more crypto, more representative of our culture but less professional.

The new one is professional but not quite as representative.

So I think we need a mix of the two.


I agree that a new logo could be helpful. We can easily leverage the awesome design talent in the DeFi world by holding a design contest with a significant financial award of Index to the top three finishers.

The value of a memorable and sticky design cannot be overstated.


I like the new logo. Looks more professional while it is still an owl.
Maybe the designer can add some shadow or 3D-look to it?


I liked the old logo. It provides more possibilities to be creative (e.g. for Twitter banners :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), compared to a rather rigid one-color logo. But I understand that an emoji doesn’t look professional.

I like the idea of @DarkForestCapital that we keep the emoji (as the mascot for non-official purposes on social media) and create a more professional version as the official logo. Having a contest as proposed by @BigSky7 would be very interesting!


I concur with this comment, that the new logo is good and worthy of my vote, but seeing the Minerva logo makes me want to see options for the new logo with bevels, shades and colour.


Yeah love this idea of keeping the emoji on cryptotwitter while having a professional logo on the website.


I love the new logo!

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Hi there,

It is not just about the logo. The design will need a reload. It has to be more professional if it should attract millions of people in the future.

Let me say something about the two logos above.

The first, the old one, is not a logo at all. It is an iOS emoji if I type „owl“ this will come up. So it is not unique and not professional because it doesn’t fulfill the criteria of a logo/signet. (Simple, unique, usable for different cases (different media, sizes etc)

The second one, the new, is good. Fits better to logo needs for sure. And has also a quite modern appearance.

But I think we should go as far as possible with abstraction. Just think of the Nike logo. Do you think of the statue at Louvre, Paris? If you don’t know about it Google please.

Also the Owl is already occupied by other project. An argument for going a little further.

But like I said before maybe it is time to thing about design in general. You know. Colors, fonts, forms etc.

I like to help here.


Silly question: Why do you want to chance it ?

I think with that, the best solution is to create a new one and involved the community with a contest !

@BigSky7’s idea of the design contest seems to be getting traction :slight_smile:

I would be happy to help run a contest - especially if someone has experience running digital contests/ campaigns and would like to work together.

Suggested rough format for the contest:

-Contest runs from 15 January to 1 February

-Publicize on Twitter / Discord / NFT design community ( Not familiar with the last one but that is probably where the talent is)

  • Award $10,000 for first place, $3,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third place

-Community voting will occur from January 25- 1 February

  • Submissions will be compiled and posted on the forum

Excited to see what people come up with!!!


can we even turn some logos into NFTs? Badger worked with MEME on this. Maybe we should reach out to the team there. @LemonadeAlpha & @reganbozman something GWG could support?

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I’m default-skeptical stuff like that is productive but if you can show me some good examples of that driving growth I’m open to hearing.

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Strongly agree with @LemonadeAlpha - don’t think it makes sense to pay $10k for a logo in a competition!

FWIW - I think the new logo is slightly more what other people would call “professional” while still being unique and creative.

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I see it more about bringing more people into the community than direct AUM growth. I think a partnership with MEME for an owl-inspired set of NFTs would be cool.

At the same time, I do agree that perhaps this is not the most high impact thing we can do and should be doing right now.

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Yes something like this would work.

But if it’s to create an Official logo, I think you need more than 2 weeks. Especially if you want qualitative entries

Prize is very high !

Community is good, but it can also turn into a popularity contest. Especially if advertise on Twitter.
A small comity can shortlist 10 entries can be better, and then the community vote for the best one.

I was part of several contests and it’s usually works quit well

I am not sure about it, too.
This contest thing I don’t know. Who is going to judge here? This is a non crypto related topic it is more about marketing/pm.
Would Starbucks ask their employees about to choose a new logo. Or Deutsche Bank shareholders about a new logo…
I know this sounds like the old style way, but there is a reason why it is handled that way.

And also keep in mind this is not just about the Logo. It is about the whole corporate design.
So it is not just about the Logo, you have to have a fitting type face, too. And what about a slogan?

As a normie, when talk to my normie friends, I don’t know if they would take it serious, when I talk about the BlackRock of Blockchain, and they see an emoji Owl when they enter website.

Product is very good, crew is very smart. But package/presentation has to be also professional to build trust.

Just my 2 cents.