Event Guidelines

This post is a brief outline on how growth nest approaches external events and serves as a framework to align expectations around scope and budgeting.

Event experience to date has shown they can be very different in nature. Some events are more formal and external-facing ie. “roadshow” / exhibition in nature. (Token2049) that included sponsored booths and keynote speech style opportunities.

Others can be a little more relaxed internal-facing with an industry peer/community vibe (Eth Denver) that offer more informal panel style speaking opportunities as well as the above.

The primary purpose for G.Nest to attend and sponsor events is to increase our brand awareness and promote our product’s value propositions.

Growth Nest expects to sponsor 1x tier 1 event per season and attend 1x tier 1 event per season as per the GNS1 proposal

As mentioned above G.Nest seeks to use these events to specifically promote our brand and our products. Many events however such as the more internal industry peer vibe type offer opportunities to speak and share experiences of governance, community and DAO organisation etc. It is important to recognise the respective audiences and maximise the efficacy each time the Index Coop is represented.

I propose the following four guidelines in which community contributors can budget for event attendance.

  1. On your own dime. Events and travel are expensive and IC has limited resources. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to cover lots of people going to lots of events. Attendance should be considered personal development/educational/entertainment/social etc. There is no expectation on anyone to represent IC in this capacity. Any representation made is that individual’s free choice but will not be compensated unless agreed beforehand with an appropriate nest lead etc.

  2. G.Nest budget. Attendance of events planned by G.Nest are considered to be official and constitute a valid business case and therefore individuals are entitled to claim expenses. G.Nest will strive to be as inclusive and fair as possible but ultimately have discretion over who and how many people can be considered for reimbursement to be agreed upon prior to any event.

  3. Alternative nest’s budget. I cannot speak for other nests but my recommendation is to encourage anyone looking to attend and represent Index at events where it is not specifically to endorse our product value proposition to propose and submit a business use case to the appropriate alternative nest.
    There will of course be events such as the panel in Eth Denver where the topics of product and community etc will overlap. G.Nest will cover the event costs in these situations unless previously arranged differently. Contributor expense reimbursement will still fall to the individual’s respective nest/s.

  4. Special request. One-off requests can be submitted to the community via the forum and/or council. Again a business use case must be made.

No contributors should attend events and retrospectively be claiming events expenses on end of month contributors rewards

Based off of event experience to date here are some loose recommendations.

  • Number of people required:

    • Events can be long and tiring. If running a booth / public-facing stall etc:
      G.Nest will go by: Three people per day +1 up to a max of 12

      • 1 day event = 4 people
      • 2 day event = 7 people
      • 3 day event = 10 people
      • 4 day+ event = 12 people
    • No booth:
      Two people per day +1 up to a max of 7

      • 1 day event = 3 people
      • 2 day event = 5 people
      • 3 day event = 7 people
  • Accomodation:

    • Stay within walking distance of the venue/s where possible to save time travelling back and forth