The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.28 Monday

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Today, each of our 5 Nests gave updates in the Weekly Standup.

Tomorrow, 2 discussions on Discord: F.Nest will talk tokenomics in Money Talks at 16:00 and then come chat with C.Nest at Tea Time at 20:00 UTC.



Nest Proposals:

Final Pushes Galore

Weekly Stand Up (38 attendees) slides

Kicking off with some core KPIs from @anthonyb.eth: AUM was down last week by 6.8%, totaling $172m. N$F were $0.36m last week which is an inflow of 0.21% of AUM. Revenue was $60k last week ($3.07m annualized), down 7.4% week over week. Check out the Core KPIs Dashboard. The new product dashboard is live for DPI and should be copy/paste-able to our other products soon.

Community Nest @Pepperoni_Joe

Successes from last week include the Discord server split (message @0xMitz if you haven’t made it there yet, or if you need your permissions adjusted), the distribution of the Owl Pulse Survey (today’s the last day to fill it out!), and the new calendar format (message @StepvhenH if you’re having trouble).

By the end of this week, C.Nest will have completed an Owl level framework post, reflections from February’s Coordinape Circle, and a new shared Google Drive. They’re working across nests to create a go-to-market template with Growth and working with external partners like NFTYlabs and Ceramics on a community growth attribution strategy.

Finance Nest @Matthew_Graham

February Contributor Rewards have been paid today. Monthly financial reports are being prepared. In other news, an application to attain a loan is ongoing; they’re meeting with DebtDAO this week to progress towards finalizing T&Cs. Last week, they generated a budget for protocol-owned liquidity to support the loan application.

As for budget reviews, Product Nest and Gov Nest are still left to finalize. All budgets will be posted to the forum by February 11 and taken through IIP. A list of all contributors and their corresponding owl levels based on Nest proposals is being consolidated for the Council to review and advice on each contributor’s owl level. Once owl levels are finalized, Finance Nest will work with @Pepperoni_Joe to configure the intended distribution of DSM among owl levels and then open this to community discussion.

Governance Nest @mel.eth

Meta-Governance Committee has been elected: @ncitron, @lavi, and @Matthew_Graham. Cheers to @puncar for successfully running this election. Two launches: a Gov Dashboard and a Gov Calendar. On Twitter, turn on notifications from @Coop_Gov for vote announcements.

Current priorities include carrying out 2 IIPs: updating signers for MGC Multi-sig from 3of5 to 3of7 and moving Aave vote delegation from Multi-sig to EOA permanently. They’re working on the Ambassador Program.

Growth Nest @Metfanmike

The blog, which @Static121 calls “a big deal a lot of people have worked on for a long time,” launched (softly) on the 25th. Several Pods within Growth are working to improve it before its hard launch. It will especially support Content Pod, the spotlight of last week’s Growth Community Call (replay here).

Bit more on Content Pod: Migration and SEO retrofitting of all of the Medium content (over 75 articles) is in progress. They’re sending out their 4th weekly newsletter (shoutout to @kindeagle) this Wednesday, and open rate has been increasing. The Design/SEO/Editorial production pipeline is fully operational and laid out in Notion. And our first quarterly whitepaper is nearly finished.

Lastly, ETH-2x-FLI-P will be added to the Quickswap Token List on March 2.

Product Nest @DocHabanero

Product is in the process of coordinating with Growth on strategy and DAO Treasury surveys are nearly complete with a summary coming soon.

From the Product Roadmap: JPG and PAY have launch plans underway and BTC FLIs (2x and Inverse) on Polygon are targeting launch for the second week of March. And updated Product Roadmap and Technical Roadmap is coming this week.

Engineering Pod is making a final push to launch the new (preview site). The new blog is live here with content being moved over periodically from our old Medium site. Finally, Rari Capital (RGT) to TRIBE migration will take place after the next DPI rebalance.

OOO: @ElliottWatts Feb 26-Mar 5, @kindeagle Mar 2-6, @LemonadeAlpha Feb 28-Mar 4, @Hammad1412 Mar 5-12, @LemonadeAlpha Feb 28-Mar 4

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag:
2000 - Community Nest Tea Time

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