Extrinsic Productivity Content Strategy

Authors: @Mringz


Index Coop’s core vision is to make Defi more accessible. This vision is embedded in the DNA of every one of our products. However, to maximize the success of our DAO and products, we need to extend our vision into each segment of our operations. In the BDWG this is a mentality we have adopted. More specifically in the Defi partnerships and integrations vertical, we would like to Index Coop Products to be the golden money lego that holders use to extract value out of the Defi eco-systems.

One of the key initiatives in executing the Defi partnerships and integrations strategy is to improve awareness and educate holders about all the productivity use cases that exist for our products. This is a key initiative and can result in three core outcomes:

  1. Improves unit retention
  2. Gives potential holders another reason to purchase and hold our products
  3. Indirectly reduce the burden of liquidity mining as higher yield opportunities exist elsewhere in the ecosystem

We have also received positive feedback from forum posts covering extrinsic productivity for DPI and more recently have seen a large surge in DPI liquidity deposited into CREAM.


The goal is to create a content series around DPI productivity opportunities (potentially expanding to more Index Coop products as more opportunities emerge). The series will begin by creating detailed guides, research, and analysis pieces around DPI productivity opportunities published both on the Index Coop Medium and Substack. The main goal of this content will be to inform holders how these platforms work and how they can maximize their yield while understanding the underlying risks. Additionally, we would like to showcase that our products have the same or even better utility than more popular tokens like ETH & BTC.

The content will be targeted towards the following audience:

  • Defi Minnows
  • Defi Curious Retail

Starting with a launch article that provides an overview of all the extrinsic productivity opportunities for DPI the series we will then be going into detail on the following topics:

  • Liquidity providing
  • Yield Farming
  • Borrowing and Lending
  • Collateralized Debt Positions

The format of each article will include the following:

  • A brief introduction to the protocol
  • Guide on how to use the protocol to access additional yield
  • Protocol comparison i.e Alpha Homora vs. Impermax
  • Example of the expected yield to expect with a certain level of capital i.e $1000
  • Protocol specific risks
  • Additional tips and advice


I will be submitting medium articles through the content marketing channel with the following targeted timeline:

30th June - “What to do with your DPI” submitted for review
9th July - “What to do with your DPI” published on Medium
16th July - Liquidity Providing article submitted for review
23rd July - Liquidity Providing article published on Medium
30th July - Yield Farming article submitted for review
6th August - Yield Farming article published on Medium
13th August - Borrowing and Lending article submitted for review
20th August - Borrowing and Lending article published on Medium
27th August - Collateralized Debt Position article submitted for review
2nd September - Collateralized Debt Position article published on Medium

Additional thoughts:

I believe this content strategy can provide the basis to create more content on social channels like Youtube and Instagram. These article topics will be published as bronze owl quests and community members who are interested can assist with reviewing.

This forum post serves to get feedback from the community to increase the chances of success of this strategy. If you would like to get involved please ping me in the Discord: @Mringz.