February Owl Pulse Survey Results are Here

Authors: @MaryQ @Shawn16400
Reviewers: @Bradwmorris, @OxMitz, @vanita, @Zareef

Index Coop regularly invites contributors to give their opinion on how the DAO is performing on important ways of working and core values. The Pulse Survey contains leading indicators that enable us to take appropriate actions related to contributor engagement, inclusion, and development. It allows us to hear directly from you and monitor progress.

This report includes the 2022 February Pulse Survey results and, when available, comparisons to the 2021 August Pulse Survey.

We highlight both bright spots and three critical areas of improvement, along with recommended actions to address those areas.

There is a lot to unpack! You can find ALL the details here.


  • 41 respondents
  • Approximately 50% response rate
  • 90% of those responding to the survey were men
  • 70% were gold, silver, and council members
  • 62.5% of those responding have contributed for 7+ months
  • We had solid regional representation

Highlighted results
Among the things we can celebrate:

  • Contributors are inspired by the potential of Web 3, Index Coop products, and one another
  • There is a high level of peer trust
  • Most believe we have what it takes to grow if we can focus on people and profit
  • There is high confidence in leadership capability

Key areas of improvement:
Our vision, strategy, and principles do not guide our actions, decisions, or work.

  • 34% do not feel that “Principles guide our decision-making.”
  • When asked if the Index Coop has a clear strategy to help us achieve our mission: positive sentiment decreased from 72% to 68%

The Index Coop contributor pool remains male mainly, US/EMEA focused.

  • APAC contributor base grew slightly. Still no Latin America involvement
  • “I feel like people want to contribute, but they feel frustrated they can’t get assigned a task to get going.”

Contributors want their voice and their vote to have an impact. Contributors question our “DAOness.”

  • 14% drop in “I am able to participate in decision making.”
  • 71% regularly vote on governance proposals. 29% don’t.
  • “Starting to feel bureaucratic and corporate.” “Chaos, fast, influx.”

We heard contributors want three things from their experience based on survey results: I believe. I belong. I matter. This insight drives our recommended next steps.

Suggested actions
We encourage each Nest to review the data in detail to inform your strategic planning. We have shared ownership of the results and our responses.

The attached presentation contains seven recommended actions that the Human Capital and Culture pod plans to build and sustain a positive Index Coop culture.

Next Wednesday, May 11, we will discuss survey results during the Leadership Forum.


@MaryQ thanks for leading this effort. Reflection is a low-cost way of getting smarter.

GovNest had an advanced look at this data and our analysis and potential actions are captured here
Org Survey Feedback GovNest.pptx - Google Slides
Our potential actions are on slides 12, 13, 14, 15 - some actions are underway now, and some will be included for Season 2.

The revised Season 1 plan for HC&C pod is here: Human Capital & Culture - Season 1 Revision - Google Docs
I expect some eyerolling on this plan / work given this falls squarely in the “organizational navel gazing” category - but we believe IC can become an overwhelmingly-positive-kick-ass-and-collaborative environment.

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