August 2021 Pulse Survey: Act Now

Hey everyone!

The purpose of this post is to provide visibility to the surveys we placed in the discord Community channels today. Please complete this five-minute survey no later than August 28.

  • Index Coop Aug2021 Contributor Survey for all Index Coop contributors (Cooper Owls and above, plus interns. Yes, we know everyone is a contributor) - [Click here] to find the contributor survey link on Discord.
  • Index Coop Aug2021 Leadership Survey for all WG leads, full-time contributors, Set, and DFP. - [Click here] to find the leadership survey link on Discord.
    It is the same survey content. Links are split for tracking purposes.

The purpose of this survey is to gather ANONYMOUS feedback from our community. Again, this is 100% confidential.

Why now?
(Cribbing from @BigSky7 post - affirming our code of conduct and guiding principles)

Our protocol is currently engaged in several challenging conversations that require us to grow and evolve. Every single topic is difficult, multi-faceted, and highly complex.

As we face those challenges and debate the resolution, it becomes easy to grow frustrated and demoralized. Occasionally antagonism and negative behaviors enter some of our forums and chats. When you read through contentious forum posts, you can almost feel the frustration. All share this feeling of frustration. We must not let our frustrations turn negative or degrade our conversations.

Given the affirmations and positive community feedback, we do SEEK to grow as a community. As @BigSky7 highlighted, we need to have honest and open conversations across our community to keep pushing the ball forward.

Survey Introduction
This survey is an opportunity for us to reflect, reaffirm, question, and share thoughts about The Index Coop, the decisions that we’ve made, and how we work toward success. The feedback and insights you provide through this survey will help shape how we evolve our business priorities and ways of working to serve our customers, contributors, and stakeholders. We are also seeking ways to measure and monitor the sentiment over time.

Consider each question carefully and check the response you feel is most appropriate, considering your experience over the last three months (or your time with the DAO if you joined over the past three months).

Other Details and considerations

  • We will follow up with a detailed analysis and share feedback with the community via form post no later than September 8.
  • We (the pulse survey crew) have spent the last couple of weeks working on these questions. Our work is not perfect, but we were thoughtful and sensitive/empathetic to the needs of others.
  • We would love your feedback (there is a question) in the survey for this. Our goal is to continue this on a go-forward basis to understand community health at the Index Coop.


@MaryQ and the POC working group


Great work @MaryQ , @helmass and the rest of the owl pulse survey team. This is a really important initiative, it provides the Index Coop with informative baseline data which can inform decision making in the future. This data should help make sure everyone is heard, issues get addressed, and successes highlighted.


Good job, partial too lengthy (choose 5 of 500 [of course exagurated]).

I do wonder, why questions like: are you straight, gay, male/female, age … are in any way important to the survey. Can you please explain.

Question about the region is important.

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Hi @Elmit thanks for the feedback. Questions you bring up definitely require more thought on our end. Given we have had some discussion around identity already, I’m going point you to what was said in the discord chat. Link above.

The best I have for everyone now is that the survey is an iterative processes and our goal is to improve the product with community feedback.

For those who have not filled the form up please leave feedback within the form as we want to improve.

Feedback is critical so everyone is heard. It’s all about improvement

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Great to see this come to fruition. I’ve completed the form (echoing feedback above perhaps the question with 50 or so choices was a bit lengthy).

It’s perfect timing for this examination given the challenges IC is addressing, and having an objective 3rd party provide a birds eye view is going to be important to shape the discussion. Thanks Mary for helping us tackle this, and to the POC for mucking in and expanding the data capture element. I’m just as keen to hear what your experience has been contributing to the ‘future of work’ as I am for getting the results from the community!


Thanks, both. FYI the long list of values comes from the Barrett Value Centre – Culture Assessment. To remain objective we chose not to veer from the list they provide - it does provide a lot of options. Appreciate you slogging through it and hope it is helpful.

Also, we included identity topics to try and understand how inclusive we are and IF there are any issues around belonging and safety.

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As of now, 40 surveys are in. Great job all!

I would love to see the number get to 50+ by tomorrow evening

Deadline to fill out the survey is August 28th

:pray: :pray:


Done my one! Looking forward to seeing the results :grinning:

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