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Wednesday’s Leadership Forum saw the Owl Pulse Survey results discussion and a few updates from Council. Besides a quick discussion on IIP-153 (Implementing Dynamic Quorum for Metagovernance), Thursday was meetings-free.

No meetings tomorrow, as per. However, look forward to sCoop Weekly, which runs down everything that’s happened in the Coop this week and learn where the Owls are flying next. And we’ll see ya Monday for the Biweekly Standup.


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Leadership Forum | slides | recording

Let’s start with results of February’s Owl Pulse Survey delivered by Community Nest’s Human Capital & Culture Pod led by @MaryQ and @shawn16400. Survey results represent an opportunity for us to reflect, reaffirm, question, and act in new ways to improve how we work together toward success.

Keep this in mind: 41 respondents. Approximately 50% response rate (90% of which were men, 70% of which were 70% gold, silver and council members, and 62.5% of which had worked at Index for 7+ months). Some good regional representation, too.

Some things to celebrate:

  1. We like each other! Contributors have high confidence and trust in one another and in our leadership.
  2. We’re also optimistic, not only about the future of web3 and crypto but about Index Coop’s products and strategy.
  3. Our newly developed vision is clear and compelling, and contributors believe that we’ll grow…and here’s the caveat: if we are able to focus on profit and people).

Where we can improve:

  1. We may like our vision, and we may be clear on said vision, but this vision, along with our vision, strategy and principles, does not guide our actions, decisions, or work.
  2. We already knew this, but the data is clear: We’re very homogenous (mostly men, mostly US/EMEA). Could use some diversity.
  3. Contributors are questioning the DAOness of us. They want their voices heard more.

Based survey results, contributors want three things from their experience: to believe, to belong, and to matter. HC&C Pod has a revised remit for the remainder of Season 1 to make these things happen. Let’s unpack these three goals just a bit.

Since the last Owl Pulse Survey in August,

  • I believe: 10% strongly disagree with “the new vision guides our work.” 34% do not feel that “Principles guide our decision-making.”
  • I belong: 0% change in who comprises our contributor base. 90% of survey participants identified as men, and 68% of survey participants US or EMEA.
  • I matter: 14% drop in “I am able to participate in decision making.”

Check out the long-form version of the results in this slidedeck and detailed even more in depth in this forum post. Next Pulse Survey will happen in August.

Switching gears, the Council had a few updates.

  1. A sub-group of C.Nest led by @Pepperoni_Joe will plan for end of Season 1/off-season/Season 2. Talks in progress.
  2. Product Nest is working with index product partners impacted by new Product Strategy that prioritizes yield strategies over thematics.
  3. Product Strategy is being converted into a Roadmap with relevant stakeholders to inform resourcing, led by @anthonyb.eth.
  4. Product-Growth strategy is in progress, heavily relying on our description of customer personas, that will be shared in the next Leadership Forum.

That said, no Leadership Forum next week because it’s Permissionless! Community Nest is working on an optional, just-for-fun replacement event for all of us hit with extreme FOMO.

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