Governance Call Agenda - 003

Governance Call Agenda - 003

Date : November 10th, 9am - 10:30am PST
Call Moderator : Felix

Index Coop’s third governance call is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th @9am PST.
This governance call will be focused on community-wide alignment by outlining the current major Coop initiatives.

1. Technical Rules & Agenda - Felix

  • Purpose : Prevent technical difficulties / distractions
  • Stay muted unless you’re speaking
  • This call will be recorded. If you don’t want your voice to be recorded you can type in chat.
  • Governance meetings will be timeboxed. Any longer discussions can continue in the related governance post after the call.

2. Community Member Introductions (< 5 minutes) - Felix

  • Purpose : Put a face to the discord username; Build trust and acknowledgment of each attendee and allow each person to at least contribute 1 thing to the conversation

3. Index Coop by Numbers - (< 5 minutes) Richard

  • Purpose : Progress update on Index Coop growth metrics

4. High Level Overview - (5 minutes) Felix

  • Purpose : Community alignment on key growth metrics
  • What are the key objectives of the Index Coop?

5. Product Strategy - (10 minutes) Felix

  • Purpose : Alignment on next product strategy
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Productivity
  • What are the desired productivity properties for DPI?
  • How are risk factors addressed when going after productivity?

6. Growth Strategy - (10 minutes) Felix

  • Purpose : Alignment on next growth strategy
  • A three pronged strategy: Content, BD & Growth Hacking
  • Continuing with community-led content creation efforts.
  • Status update on BD progress.
  • What Growth Hacking efforts are in the works?

7. Index Coop Sustainability - (10 minutes) Felix

  • Purpose : Alignment on next Index Coop revenue & sustainability strategy
  • What is the value capture mechanism for Index Coop?
  • How can we increase the value of holding Index tokens?
  • How mint/redeem fees may drive revenue & reduce DPI carrying costs.

8. Index Coop Autonomy - (10 minutes) Felix

  • Purpose : Alignment on next Index Coop community autonomy objectives
  • We have developed a strong culture of contributing & long term thinking in the first month
  • How can we build on this and attract other long term builders and thinkers to our community?
  • How can we make contributing to the Coop easy?
  • What processes/materials can we set up to easily welcome new members to culture, values & processes of the Coop?

9. Housekeeping (10 minutes)

  • Website Progress Updates (Inje)
    1. Buying & Selling on is being rolled out this week for DPI
    2. A snapshot voting page is being added for future governance proposals
    3. An About page is being rolled out this week to help onboard/market new users
  • IIP-004 Update (Inje)
    1. October Rewards have been distributed
    2. The treasury committee will likely request additional funds ahead of the November rewards distribution
  • IIP-007 (Dylan) - CoinShares Gold and Cryptoassets Index AMA
    1. IIP-007 has been proposed by CoinShares and @mcgpetch
    2. IIP-007 is an Index addition proposal. The product gives exposure to ETH,BTC and gold.
    3. CoinShares and @mcgpetch will be having an AMA Thursday, 9am PST
  • IIP-008 (Dylan) - Meta Governance Module
    • IIP-008 has been proposed by Richard and the Set team
    • Adds governance module, allowing DPI collateral to be used to vote in UNI, AAVE, and COMPOUND governance proposals
    • Voting to authorize addition of Governance Module to DPI set will begin
      Tuesday, November 10th and will end Friday, November 13th at 7pm PST

Post Meeting & Closing - Felix

  1. After this call we’ll make a forum post with details about the call, like where to find notes, the recording etc.
  2. In the comments section of that post we can continue discussion and propose new topics for the agenda of the next governance meeting
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I think it would be good think past the end of the current liquidity mining and to consider:

  • Further INDEX distribution
  • Whether we should pause / redesign the proposed methodologst rewards.
  • Methods to grow the community
  • Staking INDEX / DPI as part of intrinsic productivity.