Hiring - Smart Contract Engineer


With the Index Coop currently discussing the path forward for autonomy, and in particular engineering capacity, the critical need for a smart contract engineer has been identified. This post lays out the hiring process and application forms for potential candidates.

Hiring team: @darkforestcapital, @verto0912 @devondefi

Need: Smart Contract core contributor


  • The Index Coop is in the business of creating smart contract based financial products.

  • The Index Coop itself, and its ecosystem partners are also organised and run in part on smart contracts.

  • It is essential that the Coop have smart contract development capacity in-house, we are all acutely aware of the product bottleneck that occurred recently due to insufficient engineering capacity.

  • The purpose of this role is to build out Smart Contract engineering capacity for the Index Coop, allowing the EWG to realise part of the vision for Coop autonomy.

Compensation: 7,000 USD and 0.15% token supply vesting over 2 years with a 6 month cliff. This is a starting point and open to negotiation depending on individual circumstances.

Scorecard: Smart Contract Engineer

Next Steps:

  • Applicants should fill out this google form.
  • Applications will close 5 days from this post going live.
  • The hiring team will review applications against the scorecard. If further information or resolution is needed, applicants may be asked to interview.
  • If a mutually beneficial fit is found, the hiring team will extend an offer and conduct any compensation negotiations.

exciting to see this!! :tada: