Index Coop APAC

I second this. Thank you @Lanks for bringing visibility to this. This will allow people from APAC to collaborate on a friendlier schedule. I am looking forward to inviting more contributors to hop on.

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Huge win and big step forward. I can’t wait to start seeing more time zone specific community calls. We are literally missing half the world’s population based just on tome zones.

Also huge shoutout to everyone in APAC crushing it for IC right now!

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Great post and great initiative. If anyone is qualified to lead this it is @Lanks

Worth adding that if 4.5bn people wasn’t a big enough incentive, the growth, wealth, and tech orientation of many of those markets are also huge growth potentials today and into the future.


Majority of DATA team is based in Seoul, South Korea but I’m the only one currently working at Coop. Voting in DATA would instantly add people from APAC to Coop roster FYI.


And yes Coop meeting times are absolutely attrocious for APAC. I dealt with it for first 2 months of Coop because I was coming back to US anyway but mentally and physically impossible to make that your lifestyle unless you don’t plan on having a fullfiling life or be maximally productive. I will definitely not be attending any of the calls once I move to Korea in a couple weeks.

@Kiba it’s good to know there will soon be more experienced Owls in the region. Pls ping your email via Discord @Lanks#8192 & will get you added to the timezone friendly call invite

Separately it would be awesome to get DATA up & running soon, either via the INDEX.Labs proposal made by @overanalyser or via the traditional route. Either way, am very much looking forward to DATA.


Earlier today, we had a successful first APAC Call which was attended by @Lanks , @Tudou , @Cavalier_Eth , @Elmit and myself.

Representing from 5 different countries in the APAC region namely Singapore, Mainland China, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia respectively.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed and what we will be focusing on in the coming weeks;

The importance of doing ground work in our region so we can have a bigger picture of what to focus on; we’ve identified 3 major pillar that we should be focusing on for our research.

  1. Business Development & Compliance
  2. Growth & Community
  3. Product

Here’s the link to the sheet for reference; amid still work in progress.

Also you can check out the meeting minutes of our discussion here.

Any conversational updates you guys can hop in to our dedicated APAC channel on discord. :smiley:

Finally we’re planning for a follow up (tentatively) call next week same time; any updates will be on discord channel.



Thanks @Lanks and @pujimak_in it was awesome to meet some APAC humans.

As a newbie, something as simple as a conveniently timed Newcomer Call was MASSIVE help to engaging with the coop. Looking forward to supporting others from :australia:


Great to hear this! Really glad this meeting is up and running and working already. Way to go!

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We just finish our 2nd APAC call today;

Attended by @Cavalier_Eth , @pilko from Australia; @Elmit from Taiwan; @emil_eth from Philippines; Myself from Malaysia and our Lead, @Lanks from Singapore

Here’s the meeting minutes of our discussion here.

Also we’re still using the groundwork sheet as per last week meeting to consolidate all our contacts in the regions; here.

But basically in brief; here is our action items as its a slow burn.

First contact & Building trust with local CEX/OTC in our respective countries.

Further updates on APAC can be found on our dedicated discord channel #:night_with_stars: APAC

Finally we’ve confirm that our weekly call will be on every Tuesday @ 9:00pm PST // 4:00am UTC // 12:00 AST.

Looking forward to seeing more APAC Coop Members joining the call in the coming weeks.

Have a blessed week ahead.


This is great! Slowly we are building community in APAC!


Hi all,

I live in HKT. I will continue to read up on these types of posts, figure out where I can contribute to the wider community project in a relatively timezone friendly format.

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Do join in for the next week call. Since you’re based in HK. It’s good to connect fellow APAC Owls. Don’t worry on figuring out how to contribute; in time you’ll find your niche.

Looking forward to seeing you next week, @NVC !!:blush:

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I am extremely happy to see this group getting off the ground. We talk a lot about how to raise our profile with different groups and geographies. In my mind, this is the absolute best way to do it. The nuances of each geography are complex and require individuals in that geographic area to navigate them.

I am extremely excited to see more geographic and group-specific sub-communities start to develop and thrive within Index Coop.

  • Our Women in Index Coop Community call and Discord chat have absolutely blown up over the past few weeks. We have incredibly strong female contributors and it is important that we continue to develop female-centric spaces that offer continued support.
  • We have many strong contributors from Africa. I would love to see an Index Coop Africa group form and spearhead our efforts to raise awareness on that continent.

  • We also have many strong South American and Indian contributors. Similar efforts would go a long way here.

It seems clear that much of the explosive growth that occurs within the global financial revolution will be driven by non-western perspectives and nations. If Index Coop is to become a truly global financial powerhouse we need to embrace region speci :rocket:fic sub-groups to drive growth in each region


Finished 3rd APAC call today;

In attendance;
@Tudou (CN)
@Elmit (TW)
@qomarcrypto (MY)

Absents with apologies;
@Lanks (SG)
@Cavalier_Eth (AUS)
@emil_eth (PH)

Here’s the access to the slides and minute meetings.

Also as part of an ongoing effort, here’s a groundwork sheet for the APAC region.

Key takeaways;

  1. Tapping into China’s pool of resources would be one of the focus as per highlighted by @Tudou
  2. Indonesia market are friendly to crypto business and as one of the populous nation in SEA, it serve as potential for Institutional BD to come in.
  3. eSport/eGames is huge in APAC region, would be such a shame if we don’t tap this market especially when one of IndexCoop product is MVI. This could also be one of the niche narrative for APAC as well. But need more deliberation & discussion on this.

Any further updates on APAC can be found at #:night_with_stars: APAC

We do hope as the week goes by, we keep on seeing more and more APAC Coop members joining. Also if there’s any feedback do reach out.

Guess the grinding part is the hardest. But as the saying goes…

“Good things comes to those who persevere.”

Till next time, blessed week ahead!!


Thanks for the update and maintaining momentum @pujimak_in.
@afromac are APAC newjoiners invited to this call already?


I believe I can answer that… as the APAC call is on the Coop shared calendar. So they would be able to join if they have access to the shared calendar.

But I think the best is them providing an email address so they can get an invite. (Which either myself (I think) or @Lanks, can add them)

Is there’s any additional thing to add @afromac? I may missed something.

Thans for constant update! I just learned that Axie Infinity (AXS) , one of Index Coop’s main allocation in MVI have 60% DAU from Philippines. We can learn from these personas and execute strategies.


Axie is huge in the Philippines but also has good traction across Indo, Malaysia and Vietnam. We have a partnership lined up with Yield Guild on Axie scholarships although waiting on funding for this.

Perhaps myself and @DarkForestCapital can jump on the APAC call and we can spend some time on MVI.


Wow thanks for sharing this, yes definitely something we can learn and leverage on. Perhaps you have some networks you can leverage on to get the a better understanding these personas? I also could ask my networks there as well.

Cool!! Do you have any timeline on this? As I saw that the IIP was passed right? or did i got it wrong? Anyways I think we have a huge potential in the APAC region, given what you’ve stated Axie presence also in Indo & Malaysia & Vietnam. Something that warrant a further discussion.

Was just thinking the same thing during the call, when @Tudou shared about this idea. I think it would be great to get more context on MVI roadmaps and how APAC can contribute to the growth of it. Our next call is schedule next week same time as today. Hopefully you or @DarkForestCapital or both can make it, though not friendly for the American timezones. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to initiate this discussion further.