Index Coop - December 2021 - Budget vs Actuals

Index Coop - December 2021 Budget Vs Actual Report

Authors: @Hammad1412 @ElliottWatts @Matthew_Graham @prairiefi

The F.Nest is pleased to present a review of the DAO’s Budget Vs Actual Report for December 2021.

Index Coop - Budget vs Actual - December 2021 V1.pdf (800.5 KB)

The publication of the document will follow a trend of monthly budget reviews. The report is structured as follows:

  1. First page - Overview and specific insights into spending activities
  2. Second page - Summary table of operating expenses by working group in $ spend and Index spend


At the end of December, the Index Coop’s actual total spend for the month was $593,170, with the forecast total spend being $812,980. Since November there has been a slight decrease of 0.52% in spend.

Key takeaways

  • December saw a variance of -27.04% between forecast spend and actual spend
  • Contributor rewards accounted for 78% of overall costs
  • TOC were over budget this month by 8.3% (due to the Christmas MVI bonus expense of $30k this is funded from their leftover Q4 budget)
  • Growth & Marketing continued the trend of being the largest spenders at $144,456, a 53.4% increase from November.
  • Woman + Non-Binary were the lowest spenders once again at $6,081.
  • Engineering and Asia Pacific both overspent on their allocation of rewards (excluding WG lead salaries) by 20.5% and 11.6% respectively.
  • Impression mining costs saw a 63% rise from last month, with paid ads also increasing by 84%
  • In contrast to dollar spend which shows 12 out of 13 working groups being within budgeted total, when looking at $Index spend only 4 out of 13 were within the budgeted $index total

We will be presenting a holistic overview of the Q4 budget vs actuals in the quarterly report.

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