Index Coop - October 21 Financial report

Index Coop - October 2021 Financial Report

Authors: @ElliottWatts, @prairiefi, @Ahuja, @Matthew_Graham, @Hammad1412

The F.Nest is pleased to present the Index Coop’s October 2021 one-page Financial Report.

Index_Coop - Treasury Report - October 2021.pdf (245.9 KB)

We have also prepared a longer deep-dive article which will be published to medium shortly (we will update this link when published)

At the end of September, the Index Coop treasury has a market value of $51.9m, of which 75.96% are INDEX tokens.

Key Takeaways

The DAO at a gross profit level experienced its 3rd consecutive profitable month as a result of no LM incentives on DPI or MVI. ETH 2x-FLI continued to be the best performing product totaling $393k, 63% of total revenue generated for October.

  • Revenue increased by 21% and Contributor Rewards increased by 10%
  • Gross profit was at its highest ever for the DAO up 15% MoM
  • Contributor rewards increased during October. With some FTE vesting contracts being exercised now the 6-month cliff has been reached for certain contributors
  • Total unique wallet address exposure at month-end was ~ 27k, approximately 90% of those wallets only hold one of our products, further research is being completed to review why accounts do not have exposure to multiple products
  • Overall profitability declined slightly from 0.174k loss in September to 0.183k loss in October a 5.42% movement
  • AUM grew significantly now totaling $460.8m a 45.6% increase from September, which is a result of positive asset price movement across the product offering.

The F.Nest is constantly working to level up our financial reporting and key investor relations documents.

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