Index Coop Error Msg: You do not have this token


I connected my coinbase wallet then I selected USDC to buy MVI next I entered the amount & clicked Approve Token button. As soon as I clicked it changed to Approving.

I got the request with the details in my coinbase wallet, I accepted it, Then the Approving button changed to Buy, I clicked Buy and I got the error msg “You do not have this token” and 22 dollars miners fee was deducted from my wallet. Next, I changed the Pay with input field currency to ETH and clicked Buy but nothing happened.

I really want to buy MVI but I am afraid this will happen again :frowning_face:
I would really like to know:
1: is it a bug or am I missing something during the process
2: What happened to the 22 dollars that I lost

I would appreciate if you resolve my query

Browser: Brave


Hi there, can you provide more details on this transaction?

Where did you use to try and purchase MVI?

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Hi, Could you please be more specific about what details should I provide?

This is my first time buying MVI. I tried to purchase from the index coop site, here are the details:
URL: Index
Browser: Brave
Time: 21 Nov Sunday around 3 am
Country: Ireland

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