I recently purchased MVI via a link to index coop website on coingecko. Within the index coop website I went into the app and did the swap using metamask. I approved with my ledger and transaction was processed. In polyscan I can see the contract, but I cant see the token in my metamask. I have imputed the proper token address in metamask. Looking at the contract I am thinking I only done one step of contract approval and not the swap part. How can I rectify this. I am worried that I got scammed and need some guidance on what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

If you go back to the coingecko page for mvi you should see a little MetaMask icon that will add the token to your wallet.

Alternatively you can put you wallet address into etherscan and see recent transactions and all tokens you currently have

If you can’t see anything then you might have only approved the use of the token but not the actual transaction

I have added the token correctly to metamask. On polygon scan I see only one contract.If I have approved the use of the token and not the transaction what should I do. When you approve the use of the token are tokens removed from your a/c. I can send the transaction hash if it will make it clearer.

No nothing has been removed from the account if you only approved the token. If you approved the token you were only allowing a DEX (via metamask) to remove the token you were holding for the swap. So if you want to swap from USDC to MVI, you are allowing a DEX to remove the USDC.

More info:

Nothing will be removed until the second transaction to execute the swap.

Are you missing anything from your wallet (Other than a small amount of ETH to pay for the token approval)? If not, I think you should be fine to execute the second transaction to execute the swap.

And don’t offer to share transactions with strangers online. If you need more direct support please use our community discord where a verified contributor will be able to help you.

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