Index Coop podcast

What does the community think about launching an Index Coop podcast?

We could talk about the Coop, bring in people from different wallet apps, maybe investors to talk about the index/passive space, someone from CoinShares to discuss their product, etc. Could be a good blend of marketing, raising awareness, credibility & influence.

@blurb has experience with sound design and music and I have some capacity to host, so we could probably get this up and running relatively quickly.


That would be awesome. I know that @Gabriel started something quite close a few weeks back on his youtube channel, with some members of the Coop. You should have a talk maybe :wink:

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Would be awesome. This podcast could cover all news regarding the underlying projects of $DPI as well.

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As Etienne mentioned, I already did two fantastic episodes with members of the coop.

Regan is an active cypro investor and operator -

OA does alot of analytical thinking and research into etfs -

Send me a message if you want to work together on future episodes.


Listened to one of them a while back and I think it is a quality conversation. I’m sending a message! :slight_smile:

I’ve been reaching out to some coop members and it seems like there are several people that could host. I would listen if someone was summarizing what’s been going on in the forum, discord and blog. How about making a podcast where hosting is an open position where people in the coop can sign up to participate. It would be pretty cool with an “open source” podcast. I’m tempted to write a bounty proposal but it feels really daunting to get it right.