Index Coop Marketing Proposal

Hey everyone!

Thank you to all of you who attended the marketing call a couple of days ago! Unfortunately I couldn’t attend due to time-zone constraints but I synced up with @inje after the call and he caught me up on everything.

This marketing proposal will serve as a recap and “next steps” for those who signaled that they wanted to get involved in Index Coop marketing efforts on the call.

Marketing Initiatives

  • Recruiting (Building the Nest)
    The purpose of this initiative is to build our own “owl army” that are active within the coop. We already have a bunch of amazing community members in the nest and we’d love to keep expanding this out and recruiting the best talent that we can find in and outside of the crypto ecosystem.

  • Reprocessing Information
    Content marketing can be difficult if there isn’t much content to work from. We can solve this by reprocessing existing content. An example of this includes this tweet from @Gabriel that reprocessed @overanalyser’s post here and turned it into a Twitter thread here. We can do this for forum posts, content in the Discord, blog posts that we publish and more.

  • Integrations
    We want the Index Coop’s products to be integrated across all of DeFi, CeFi and eventually traditional finance as well. To achieve this, community members can reach out to and educate integration partners about how they can support the coop’s products as well as the INDEX token. Integrations can also be turned into partnerships and content marketing opportunities.

  • Educational Pieces
    One of the best ways to grow the Index Coop is to produce educational content in order to help newcomers and veterans understand what we do. This educational content can come in the form of tweet threads, videos, blog posts, memes, podcasts and basically any other medium you can think of.

  • Meme Marketing
    Memes are the quickest way to disseminate information to a wide range of people and the concept of “meme magic” is very real. We’ve already had an awesome bunch of memes created in the #meme channel on Discord and had them posted to Twitter.

Leads for the Initiatives

Below is a list of Index community members that threw their feathers into the nest to lead some of the marketing initiatives.

If you’d like to aid in any of these marketing efforts and be rewarded for your work, you can reply to this post or join the Discord #marketing channel to speak to your fellow Index owls!

I’ll be leading the efforts/running coordiation and following up with people over the coming days to check in on how their work is going. Feel free to reach out to me on the Discord channel or in a DM if you need any help with anything - whether that be reviewing your work or providing you with ideas on what to work on!

Hoot on owls!


Looks good. I’m trying to organise my thoughts into some educational content / inane ramblings. I’ll keep chugging away with new stuff, but may circle back and start a blog (proof read and everything).

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