Index Council Election (v2.1) Notification [UPDATED]


This serves as an awareness post for the upcoming Index Council election. An Index Council member has stepped down leaving one vacant seat to fill . Another Index council member who was elected for V2 of the Index Council is supposed to have their seat up for re-election by May 31st. Therefore the Governance Nest will host an election to fill two vacant seats in the Index Council, giving guidelines on a catch-all process for filling in the currently open and soon to be open Index Council seat.

Principles Applied

Who decides on a replacement?

In the spirit of decentralization and transparency replacing a ICC member is to be decided on by a contributor vote. The outgoing member, the ICC, or the “next in line” candidates are not options for replacing the seat.

What is the term for a replacement?

The replacement fills the remainder of the outgoing person’s term. Given an Index council member is not able to fulfill a full term, this interim role does not count as a full term in the context of term limits. Said another way, if a candidate is newly voted in as a replacement, and proceeds to run again, the partial term does not count towards any term limits.
The elected candidate will serve for the duration of the standard election cycle, and their term will end on September 30, 2022.

Eligible voters

The Governance Nest will source the list of eligible voters from this post. Nest Leaders need to make any Metal Owl adjustments to this post before Friday April 29, 23:59:59 CET.

Specification and timeline

Below is the timeline for the election. We include this framework so that the community can see the schedule we plan to put into place based on some feedback from the ICC v2 election. This illustrates the next election cycle we are kicking off shortly.

To note, additional improvements are planned to further streamline this process for the next election. In the spirit of continuous improvement we will be collecting feedback in a separate channel (discord / forum post) which will be posted later.

Suggested Timeline

Community Notification - this post

  • This will be the initial forum post to draw awareness to the upcoming nomination and election process.

Nominations Start - May 02, 2022 - May 06, 2022

  • Nomination and Election forum post will be put up on the governance forum and nominations will begin this week and run for 5 days. All eligible candidates may self-nominate and provide a summary about themselves. All eligible candidates (TBD) are required to self-nominate and provide a summary about themselves (~300 words). Please include a 60 word summary. If included it will be ported over to Choice Vote to help voters connect candidates to positions.

Elections Start - May 09, 2022 - May 13, 2022

  • The election will kick off this week and run for 5 days to ensure all contributors have a chance to participate. The election will be run on ChoiceVote using Electoral Reform Society STV, with the same weighted voting system from the previous election. All candidates will be listed for ranking, with only two positions up for grabs on the Council.

Elected - May 16, 2022

  • Once the successful candidates have been elected, they will have a two week transition period before stepping into office. The goal here is to allow sufficient handover time for outgoing and incoming Index Council members. The new members will have a term that runs until the end of the term of the remaining council members, and they will be up for re-election with the rest of the council members.

To note, this process is based on the ICCv1 election process. There may be some adjustments coming from the current ICC. We ask for your patience as we move forward. Bless you all.


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Having discussed with Index Council, the forthcoming out-of-cycle MGC election will be prioritized and an election for two-seats will be held on an accelerated timeline to fill the currently vacant seat on the Index Council and the forthcoming seat that @Metfanmike currently holds until 31 May 2022. Please disregard the above timeline; a holistic schedule will be posted later today. Governance Nest is actively working with Community Nest to establish a) the voter roll for contributor elections b) ongoing accuracy of same.

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