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Hello all! Was prompted to post here for visibility and perhaps a bit more of a formal introduction.

@caf and I have been working on various projects within the Coop since coming onboard after the MVI Logo competition (some cool things in the pipeline!). I’ll attach a link here to a Instagram/Youtube proposal we put together and shared around the Discord.

We launched the Instagram account last week and are currently in week two of a four week trial period schedule we set up. (Login • Instagram - go follow!)

We got the impression on sharing our proposal that Instagram was generally considered fair game, but that Youtube might have more opinions/voices hoping to steer where it goes. We believe our proposal has some strong actionable items and we would like to get to work on content there as soon as we finish some of the other Coop projects we’re working on.

We met with Lanks and discussed the idea of coordinating between channels as he gets the LinkedIn more fleshed out, and I just touched base with Joe (who i believe wants to get some video stuff rolling) regarding Youtube moving forward. Reddit’s also on our radar as a place that could use some work.

I think as these all develop, coordination between the channels is going to be key. Maybe something like a socials working group might be something worth considering? What do you think?


Hi @Static121 welcome to the forum! It’s great to see the materials you and @caf have been doing for the Coop, the graphics are awesome!

The proposal looks fantastic, the design really drew me in. I agree that the Defiant’s production is really good, and it is interesting how much it strengthens what Robin has to say.

Great that you have been in touch with @Lanks re LinkedIn and @Pepperoni_Joe re YouTube, they both are picking up on community enthusiasm to have more content in these areas an have ideas and energy to make them grow. I also think there will be some good input on KPIs and growing the channels from #growth and @LemonadeAlpha, who really keeps Twitter on fire.

As you say, will be good to coordinate between channels. #design have been trying to bring our previously scattergun approach to graphics and colours under control, so they could be a good resource. Overall, I think there’s a lot of opportunity with this and I look forward to seeing it come to fruition - it looks great!

for the moment, just popping in to say, thanks for posting to introduce yourself @Static121 and @caf! – i dig the instagram aesthetic :clap:


Hey guys, thanks for putting together the IG and content, the design quality is great.

The question for me is who has the ability to commission design resources and post via official channels.

As growth lead, I believe it defaults to myself.

I have no intention of holding people back from creating videos. I would encourage as many people as possible to create videos, publish them, and participate in impression mining. Those videos can get shared/RT via official coop channels provided they meet some quality bar (Example)

If a video is undeniably good, there’s no reason we wouldn’t ask to publish or repost via official Coop YT.

I agree we need video content and a video presence. I enjoy writing for video and have been writing and publishing videos for the Coop over the past 5-6 months – But I also recognize we need more than the ad hoc videos we’ve put together.

Because I am default skeptical of the ability to produce content that clears the internal quality bar or which would exceed the quality of producing this content myself or in conjunction with design/Clement, the hurdle for you is to convince me to not just work with design/creative on my own timeline (Another avenue to get involved is to convince me that you can manage the process of bringing video ideas I bless to fruition by working with design).

I would also add that most people who have brought up video in the context of creating and publishing as official Coop content have needed some kind of resources like writing, funds, or production.

  • If you’re a writer who needs production resources → bring me your script / brief
  • If you’re a producer who needs writing resources → bring me your samples
  • If you need funds → Why?

Love what you are doing on Insta @caf & @Static121, aesthetic is neat! We should def look to collab & coordinate across all of the platforms to drive traffic to and from each - Insta/Twitter/YouTube/Linkedin/Reddit/TikTok (in case any of the owls are dancers).
Re. how we coordinate - fewer calls the better in my opinion, but if a call is the most efficient then it makes sense. I’m unsure, but this may fit into an existing call already run by @LemonadeAlpha ?


Makes perfect sense. RE: Youtube. Once caf and I finish some of the work already on the table we’re hoping to put together an initial sample video or two to run by you and the team. Totally understanding that the deal is if they’re judged quality enough to go up on Youtube, great, but if not that’s fine and i’m sure they can be used elsewhere.

Aside from those sort of videos, there were also ideas we had that consist more of recycling existing content -like aggregating ‘View from the Nest’ or community call recordings on Youtube. Doesn’t have to be any of our ideas specifically, but consistent series work well on the YT platform (and socials in general) and ideas in that vein could be an easy place to start as the podcast already exists and the calls don’t rely on any one person generating quality production/scripts. The goal being to establish a branded, organized representation of the Coop for people to land on while on Youtube.

Just looking to contribute value where we can, and this something we have experience in that might be a good fit.


Hey all - thanks for the nice feedback! Has been a pleasure building the Insta so far!

RE coordination, just sharing our management space for the Instagram for anyone who is interested or has more ideas. There’s all upcoming posts and stories and an idea pool for future posts:
Clickup - Posts

We are always happy about Instagram content ideas, preferably in one of the content pillars established (Index Products, Weelky Coop news, Relevant Art (NFT’s, MVI related art etc), Crypto Memes, Fun Infographics, Index initiatives, Educational).

Btw, we also made a link tree for the instagram bio so that people can get to all index socials and the website from there. Feel free to use wherever quick links are needed.

Happy to start working on the video content samples this week. If not used in youtube they can definitely be sufficient for insta or even TikTok (I smell an opportunity).

@LemonadeAlpha Is there any kind of content calendar for YouTube that eager video makers can look at and attempt to make? If not I think this would be very beneficial for cross-platform growth. Another thought I had is once theres a YouTube going there could be collaboration with Bankless / The Defiant or similar, that would probably drive a lot of traffic over to Index YT. Lmk if I can help.


@Static121 and @caf thanks for kitstarting development in this area.

I followed the Instagram account last week, and have been really impressed with the quality of the content.

Absolutely keen to be involved, and thanks for moving this forward. To play back what I’m hearing in this post, key priorities seem to be:

  1. Establishing a mechanism for content to be created and socialised across all social media channels (i.e. content for Instagram being cascaded across reddit, twitter etc).
  2. Standardising an approach for recycle existing content on social media channels. Especially for Youtube there is lots of existing content (Investing in Index Call / View from the Nest) and WIP webinar content (Competitor Analysis session) which would a natural fit.
  3. Develop a plan to track key milestones / dates we want to hit across different social media channels.
  4. Run Social Media WG call to coordinate this activity (sitting within broader Growth WG)

Maybe the topic mentions above can form part of the SMWG’s first session - plus any further agenda items I’ve missed.

Linking @JoshuaKayce in from a Reddit POV.


Sure, sorry for tangling issues. I think you guys should feel free to set up an official YT account and be the maintainers. You have showed a ton of initiative and capability with setting up our IG channel.

We should just quickly sync whenever you’d like to repurpose videos/audio we have (e.g. view from the nest) and do larger syncs on any video work that we are looking to commission and distribute officially.

@Pepperoni_Joe at risk of developing too many working groups, we can keep this initial conversation as a sync on what social channels individuals would like to take charge on testing. My ask is that those proposing understand how their proposals fit in the context of our growth initiatives through reviewing and or attending growth calls and strategy info.

Would you mind taking charge on setting that up between interested parties?


Followed the Instagram account!
Nice to meet you!


I would love to help out with your socials!

Twitter looks good. Instagram needs work. Are you targeting growth or engagement right now? I suggest increasing your followers on IG in a targeted way.

Thank you!


For targeting passive holders, pushing text posts on LinkedIn can bring in more investors to Index products. These posts can include short text posts on crypto market with links to more Index Coop content. We can target these posts towards new investors and showcase how DPI, for example, can be bought to manage risk in the defi space.

cryptocurrency hashtag, for instance, has about 40K followers on LinkedIn.

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I’m a little late to the party, but I read through your doc and feel like there are some areas of improvement for spreading the Index Coop message to the masses.

Here’s a short screen capture going over the points:


  1. Focus on “how does this benefit the viewer” more than talking about Index Coop
  2. Focus on short-form educational content: IG Reels > TikTok > YT Shorts
  3. Focus on consistent high-quality YT educational videos rather than interviews

Always happy to chat more in Discord around these topics. (@castandspear)


I’ll reach out on Discord!

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