Initiative: Translating Official Website

Through learning best practices of blue-chip DeFi DAOs as well as gathering requirements from international crypto communities, I realise the need to have a multilingual website for IC. For instance, both retail and institutional investors from China have asked for a Chinese version of the official website. Players like Sushi, Uniswap and Maker have already done that, broadening their outreach in overseas markets. I am not familiar with website translating, so if anyone knows how to do it please DM me (Tudou) or shoot a msg in the language-ops channel, where you’ll find people with a variety of language skills.


Great to get this in here with word direct from experience.

As I understand, the site is currently undergoing a redesign and part of that is the platform and backend. Am I right @DefiJesus in saying this will give more possibilities for localizations?

Secondly, partly why I hold back on pushing this, as I used to, is because the resources have been scarce until recently. When the initial redesign is finished, I’d very much like to move forward with localizations so that we can support @Tudou who are bringing the Coop to places that are not English first. And we have a overflowing reservoir of talent on hand!

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I support this notion. Once we have the enough resources to translate the main site.

I completely understand this. More than willing to lend a hand when we have the resources. At this early stage, our every move pretty much gains us the first-mover advantage.

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